Weekly Recap #37, 2023



My boyfriend and I had the best mini vacation in Las Vegas! I’ll be sharing more details and recs from the trip in a blog post soon, but for now, here are the week’s outfits, featuring lots of fun evening looks. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so dressed up three nights in a row—it was a blast!


Monday, September 11

I didn’t put real clothes on today but I did sneak away to take blog pics in this outfit for September’s Thrifty Six collaboration. I love how the pics turned out!

Dress: Thrifted, $10 ($5.00 per wear) | Black Leather Jacket: Blank NYC via local boutique, $25 ($0.42 per wear), last worn here | Black Heels: Frye via Sundance Outlet, $75 ($8.33 per wear), last worn here | Star Purse: Francesca’s, $20 ($4.00 per wear), last worn here


Tuesday, September 12

I’ve worn this outfit before, and while I don’t love the way the jacket and dress look together, I’m not sure what layer would work better over the pattern of the dress. I also know these lace-up flats went out of style years ago but heck, I don’t care.

Dress: Nordstrom Rack, $40 ($1.90 per wear), last worn here | Leather Jacket: JCPenney, $62 ($0.91 per wear), last worn here | Lace-Up Flats: Nordstrom Rack, $40 ($1.11 per wear), last worn here


Wednesday, September 13

It was such a busy day at work running around trying to get everything done before my vacation. I also decided last minute to get a haircut at Great Clips… which was an interesting experience. I’m just so sick of a simple hair trim costing 70+ dollars! I’m very low maintenance and just needed the split ends cut off—I would do it myself if I could see the back of my head. Anyway, it wasn’t the best experience but at least it was only $20 and my hair felt much better afterwards.

Striped Sweater: Banana Republic, $50 ($2.94 per wear), last worn here | Cropped Flared Jeans: Express, $25 ($0.76 per wear), last worn here | Red Flats: Rothy’s, $100 ($8.33 per wear)


Thursday, September 14

We had a midday flight to Las Vegas and Ubered straight to our hotel on the Strip, the Cosmopolitan. After checking in and unpacking a bit, we found snacks and hit a blackjack table for a few hours.

Floral Romper: Thrifted, $34 ($4.25 per wear), last worn here | White Sandals: DSW, $45 ($0.51 per wear), last worn here


Thursday, September 14, Continued

We went back to our room to get ready, and I opted for this sequin jumpsuit I got on major sale a few years back. How fun does it look in front of the famous Chandelier Bar?!

Black Sparkly Jumpsuit: Gracie’s Boutique, $30 ($10 per wear) | Silver Heels: DSW, $40 ($2.00 per wear), last worn here | Sparkly Purse: Gift, $40 ($10 per wear), last worn here


Friday, September 15

We had the best pool day, lounging and reading and sipping piña coladas. It felt so good to not think about my to-do list at all for once. For tonight’s fun outfit, I styled this lime green dress that I bought last week at TJ Maxx. It’s very out of my comfort zone since it’s completely backless and has that cutout in the front, but it was the perfect piece for Vegas, especially for clubbing. I don’t usually opt for up-dos on a night out but I really liked this high and tight ponytail with the dress.

Green Halter Dress: TJ Maxx, $20 ($20 per wear) | Silver Heels: DSW, $40 ($1.90 per wear), last worn here | Purse: DSW, $5 ($2.50 per wear)


Saturday, September 16

The one thing on my to-list while in Vegas was wandering through the Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel, which we did this morning. I threw on this fabulous new maxi dress that I bought last week and got so many compliments! It looks like one of the really trendy pieces from Vici or Shop Red Dress but a quarter of the price. My feet did not love walking so far in these gold wedges, though.

Floral Dress: TJ Maxx, $20 ($20 per wear) | Gold Wedges: Thrifted, $10 ($10 per wear), last worn here


Saturday, September 16, Continued

We spent the afternoon at the pool and then got dolled up for our final night of gambling. I forgot to take a pic in the hotel, so I had to put the outfit back on for a mirror photo once I got home. I thrifted this dress in Vegas a few years back and love it as a classy option for a night out. The one I found and linked below is nearly identical.

Black Dress: Alt Rebel, $16 ($8 per wear), last worn here | Silver Heels: DSW, $40 ($1.82 per wear), last worn here | Silver Clutch: DSW, $5 ($0.71 per wear), last worn here


Sunday, September 17

My boyfriend and I checked out of the Cosmo, and then I Ubered to my grandpa’s house to spend the afternoon with him. In the evening, I met up with my boyfriend at his parents’ house for dinner and a fun night of games. I should have worn this blue denim romper more this summer—I got it for my trip to Puerto Rico back in March and think it’s so cute!

Blue Romper: Local Boutique, $68 ($34 per wear), last worn here | White Sandals: DSW, $45 ($0.50 per wear), last worn here

. . . . .

Which of my Vegas looks is your favorite? I’m so excited about that floral maxi dress, I can’t wait to style it for fall. As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today.


Miles of smiles,

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  1. Oh I just love that sequined jumpsuit! You have some really lovely looks that are just perfect for those fun nights out on the town in Vegas.

    1. Thanks Joanne!! It was ruined in the dry cleaner and all the sparkly sequin-like adornments clumped up all all around the jumpsuit. I was so disappointed, but I spent hours picking off all the sparkles and remaining glue – I don’t think you could ever tell! Looks like new aside from a few hard-to-notice gluey spots along the bottom.

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