Weekly Recap #39, 2023


Aside from it being crazy busy at work, it’s been a very uneventful couple of days in my social calendar, which feels so good after such a busy September. (Oh, happy October, by the way! How can it already be so late in the year?!) But without anywhere to go, there’s not much reason to dress up, either, so my outfits are pretty boring this week. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #39, 2023”

Weekly Recap #38, 2023


It was another busy busy week—and it doesn’t help that work has been insane lately! I really need to start saying no to more social events because I feel like I’ve been drowning the last few weeks… I’m so looking forward to the two trips I’ll be taking in October (Philadelphia for fun and Indianapolis for a work conference) but for now I just have to grind to catch up on alllll the things. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #38, 2023”

Scorpio Inspired


The theme for this month’s Thrifty Six collaboration is Star Signs. I’m not one to read horoscopes or pay any mind to astrology, but I think this is such a fun theme for a style challenge! I remember receiving a small purple book about my sign in my Easter basket once when I was very young, and I read it cover-to-cover. I don’t have it with me in my apartment (it’s still at my parents’ house), so I had to consult the internet to brush up on some facts about my sign, Scorpio. Continue reading “Scorpio Inspired”