Fall is In the Air (And So Are the Leaves…)


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Sorry I’ve been a little MIA on the blog this week. I feel like this time of year is always super crazy! It makes me kind of sad though because then I can’t fully enjoy the beauty of fall. That’s why it was such a nice break from my day to take these photos and frolic around in the leaves. 🙂

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I wore this teal sweater and polka dot combo to school yesterday. It makes a super cute work outfit and helps a simple v-neck sweater be more appropriate for the office (or econ class).

I didn’t realize this until looking at these photos, but my lace up flats paired with my ankle length trousers are not a good combination…It makes my legs look really short and it kind of gives me cankles! So here’s an important tip: if you wear ankle/cropped/mid-length pants or a skirt, you should wear either heels are flats that don’t have any straps across your ankle. Because my flats have those laces around the ankles, they end up cutting off the length of my leg, making me appear shorter.

If you ever feel unsure of a piece you’re considering buying, I recommend having someone take a picture of you in it! Seeing yourself in an item outside of a mirror can really help you analyze fit and if the piece works for your body.

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Also, if you like my hair, you can watch a video of my side braid tutorial! And of course, I had to include a goofy pic…All the leaves were falling from the trees like snow in a snow globe, and I was trying to catch one. It ended up looking like I was Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and crying dramatically on stage. I got a giggle out of it.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I still need to figure out my Halloween costume. D: Do y’all know what you’re wearing?


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Turquoise V-Neck Sweater: hand-me-down // Polka Dot Pants: JCPenney, $19 // Black Lace-Up Flats: Nine West via Nordstrom Rack, $40

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