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Weekly Recap #11, 2023


I have to admit, I feel like I need another weekend after this hectic week. Monday and Tuesday were my last full days in Puerto Rico before a long travel day home on Wednesday (you can read more about the vacation here). I went back to work on Thursday and Friday, and then I spent the weekend celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with friends. As fun and relaxing as vacation can be, I’m now realizing the dark side of taking time off—it’s very stressful trying to catch back up! I’m so grateful that I get next Friday off work so I can ease back into things… Already looking forward to doing nothing over the long weekend. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #11, 2023”

Weekly Recap #10, 2023


Boy, what a full two weeks! If you keep up with my Instagram, you know that I just spent the most amazing nine days in Puerto Rico with family. I treated it as a proper vacation and didn’t do any work—either for my day job or for my blog, aside from a few Instagram Reels and Stories. Which means I have a lot of catching up to do now, including posting two weekly recaps today. For reference, this post covers March 6 to March 12. I plan on sharing full Puerto Rico outfit and travel guides soon, so just consider today’s weekly recaps as little teasers! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #10, 2023”

Weekly Recap #9, 2023


It was such a busy week! As is always the case before going on vacation, it seems. I did a lot of prep at work and at home trying to get ready for my weeklong vacation to Puerto Rico. I’m SO excited and can’t believe it’s already happening! I’ve been to the island once before, when I was 12—so pre-drinking age and before I knew any Spanish. I’m excited to put both skills to the test, ha! Piña coladas, here I come… Continue reading “Weekly Recap #9, 2023”