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Weekly Recap #34, 2023


It was not the best week, if I’m being honest… I’ve just been SO frustrated with blogging lately. Specifically, taking photos. I wouldn’t say that photoshoots for my blog have ever been an easy task, but lately it’s been even more difficult to find pretty backdrops and the perfect lighting. In college, I lived on a beautiful campus with countless locations for photo-ops. There were so many spots where I knew what the lighting would be like throughout the day and could rely on those locations in a pinch. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #34, 2023”

Weekly Recap #30, 2023


I was good this week and told myself I had to get dressed in a real outfit every day, ha! For the most part, I liked what I put together, and I noticed while writing today’s post that I gravitated towards a lot of black. It also helped that my boyfriend’s family was in town the last few days, so I had to get dressed for our many outings. It was a busy and fun-filled weekend that went by way too fast! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #30, 2023”

Weekly Recap #22, 2023


Another week bites the dust! For once it went by really slowly—I can’t believe Memorial Day was only seven days ago… My boyfriend and I were supposed to spend the weekend at my friend’s ranch in Wyoming, with her and her fiancé and one other couple, but we sadly got rained out. It’s been so uncharacteristically gloomy in Denver lately, and this week’s forecast calls for more of the same. Instead, my boyfriend and I had a quiet night in on Friday, where he surprised me with this beautiful cocktail. Who knew I had my own personal bartender? Continue reading “Weekly Recap #22, 2023”