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It was Jane’s turn this month to choose our Thrifty Six style prompt, and she decided on “the colours of your soul.” Sometimes it requires a bit of brainstorming for me to come up with these themed outfits, but today’s was obvious—I knew I had to style this colorful, geometric-printed dress!


My parents surprised me with this dress when I was moving into my senior year apartment in college. As I was unpacking, they went out to run some errands, including stopping by a thrift store to look for some apartment accessories for me, such as a fruit bowl and a large utensil holder. They happened to stumble across this less-than-$10 dress in my size and just knew they had to get it for me! They know me so well…

printed-dress-orange-beaded-clutch-geometric-pattern-gold-wedges summer-style-date-night-outfit-black-sunglasses-printed-dress-orange-purse

The dress is from Deja Blue, which is a Goodwill boutique—their inventory is generally more selective and the stores are much smaller than a typical Goodwill (so instead of wandering through aisles and aisles of clothing, there are only a few racks to explore, making it far less overwhelming). I’ve been to Deja Blues both here in Denver and in Las Vegas and loved them both! It feels like a more upscale and relaxed thrifting experience.

orange-purse-geometric-dress-fit-and-flare-gold-wedges-black-sunglasses printed-dress-fit-and-flare-gold-wedges-black-sunglasses

I felt called to wear this dress for the “colours of your soul” theme because of the bright geometric pattern—turquoise, pink, neon yellow and green, all mixed into one vibrant fit-and-flare dress. Green and pink are my favorite colors, but blue (and variations of it) is by far my most worn hue.

I used to love drawing mandalas, so part of me was also attracted to the idea of wearing mandalas. The colors and pattern of this dress are just mesmerizing. I haven’t seen any other clothing item quite like it!


For even more color, I paired the dress with a hot pink lipstick and an orange beaded purse. I also threw on thrifted gold wedges (I can hear Stacy London saying, “Color, pattern, texture, shine!”). Normally I would pair this dress with my suede nude heels for something very simple, but I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. What do you think of the gold?? I added very sparkly rose gold earrings to tie it all together.


I wore this dress recently to date night, I styled it for a night out in Puerto Rico, and I’ve worn it to work before with a black denim jacket and sandals. I love dressing it up for an evening look, though I need to brainstorm some more casual ways to style it, too. I don’t have a ton of solid colors in my closet, but boy, do I love a funky print! If you had to choose, what would be the colors of your soul? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out my thrifty friends’ bold and colorful outfits as well!


Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style:

“I always say that I’m an equal opportunity color lover. My wardrobe hasn’t always been colorful (shocking, I know), but I believe that color is truly powerful when it comes to our moods and feelings. That’s why I love to promote wearing colors and trying new color combinations. The funny thing about this blog post is how both my mom and Lesley ended up with the same colors for their outfits. Yet they still look as stylish as ever.”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade:

“Not long ago, purple whispered in my ear and told me that we should be friends…
Since then, our relationship has blossomed, and I believe we are in love. Purple has many faces, self-indulgent richness, deep, moody, serious and regal, or soft like the petals of a flower… sometimes playful and full of fun yet always the unexpected choice.
Purple is definitely the colour of my soul…”

Emma of Style Splash:

“I love all bright colours but the three I wear the most are orange, green and yellow. For me, orange embodies energy and optimism while green is balancing and calming. I find it very difficult to resist buying more orange clothes and when I found this Zara waistcoat on Vinted I had to have it! It was my intention to wear it over a blouse or T-shirt but it’s been so hot lately that I tried it on without a layer underneath and rather liked it. I added the lemon bag because yellow is such a cheerful colour that always boosts my mood.”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“I had to think about this topic for quite some time. Because you have to know yourself well for it. And right now I’m seeing a medical psychologist for a few sessions, and she’s sort of mixing me up, so to speak. But what I do know is that I am faithful, honest and reliable. The color blue stands for that. So that’s why I am wearing my pleated dress from Vinted. I am also a positive person and open to innovation. That’s what green stands for. I couldn’t leave out black of course, which stands for strength and a touch of rebellion! There you have it! Me in the colors of my soul.”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:

“I love Jane’s theme this month because I am all about wearing bright colors and expressing the joy within my soul lately. So I wore a preloved pastel tie dye slip dress and converted one of my favorite brightly colored thrifted scarves into a long vest. My patchworked parasol was purchased on Etsy a few years back and while it was not preloved, it is made from recycled saris so I think that counts! Then I added black accessories because my soul, bright as it may be, is always anchored in black. But you will notice that all of my black accessories are also splattered with bits of color. And there you have the colors of my soul… pastels and brights anchored in black with a big old mix of prints and patterns from tie dye to florals to patchwork.”

. . . . .

Thanks for stopping by today’s post! Have a great rest of your day.


Miles of smiles,


Geometric Patterned Dress: Thrifted at Deja Blue, $9 ($2.25 per wear), last worn here | Gold Wedges: Thrifted, $10, last worn here | Black Sunglasses: Charming Charlie, $7 ($0.23 per wear), last worn here | Orange Beaded Clutch: Airport gift shop, $30 ($2.14 per wear), last worn here

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  1. That’s so impressive that your parents found that dress for you. Do you know what brand is it?? I just adore it,

    1. I just looked at it, it’s from Flying Tomato! So funny because when I was looking for similar dresses, that store kept popping up with such cute pieces

  2. Oh wow, Grace, what a fabulous dress! It looks amazing on you and I love the way you accessorized it for this challenge. I am thinking for colder weather, could you style it with tights and boots and a fitted turtleneck underneath? Or maybe skinny jeans underneath with a cozy sweater on top? I think if you play around with it, you will find lots more fun ways to style this dress! It really is a magnificent print and the colors are gorgeous.


    1. Thank you Shelbee!! I was thinking the same thing about a turtle-neck underneath… not sure how the dress fabric will lay on top of tights but it’s worth trying!

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