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This is how I feel when I read a price tag that is over $200. Say whaaa?


Hey there! If you stumbled across this page, then you probably like fashion. But hey, you already knew that. 😉 I love fashion too, but there are certain aspects about it that I don’t like so much, such as the ridiculously expensive prices and the impracticality of some pieces. What’s with that? Depending on the item, I’m generally willing to pay $30 tops for a piece of clothing. Some call me cheap, others call me a savvy shopper.

Whatever you choose to call me (actually, I prefer you call me Grace—that is my name after all!), my goal is to provide style inspiration to you: the everyday gal, the cheapskate, the budget fashionista, the young lass who’s still a tad confuzzled about what she wants her style to be, and most of all, the stylish goober. Yes, I said goober, and no, I am not talking about chocolate covered peanuts (although that sounds amazing right now).

This fashion blog is for all the quirky young ladies out there who are fed up with overpriced and unrealistic clothing. Fashion should be fun, and I want Graceful Rags to be a place where you can kick bag, relax, laugh, and eat lots while chilling in your pajamas with unbrushed hair. Whether that be through an I Spy outfit post (many more of these to come!) or my plethora of goofy photos, Graceful Rags is for the young at heart who enjoy getting dressed in the morning.

I hope you decide to stay awhile! You can explore past posts by category through the widget on the right sidebar, if you’re interested. Thank you so much for stopping by today!


Miles of smiles,