Hi, my name is Grace. Welcome to my blog Graceful Rags!

I love elephants, traveling, and everything to do with fashion. You know what I don’t love? The huge price tag that often comes along with buying cute clothes. I started this blog for one reason: to bring affordable and practical fashion inspiration to women across the web. I love to follow other fashion bloggers, but I often find that their style is out of my reach, whether it be that the clothes are out of my price range or I just can’t incorporate the same kinds of outfits into my own life. Love those shoes? Not enough to pay a thousand dollars for them! Think that couture gown is stunning? Of course, but I’d have no place to wear it! Either of those scenarios sound like you?

My goal is to give practical style inspiration to women that won’t break the bank. To achieve this, in every outfit post I say where I wore the outfit and how much I paid for each of the pieces. Since I believe in re-wearing clothes in new and interesting ways, most of my clothing items are no longer in stock. Instead of giving links to exact items, I provide links to the websites where I bought the clothes in the hope that you will be able to find similar items. By saying where I wore the outfits and how much I paid for them, you all can see that an ordinary woman can in fact wear extraordinary outfits. For me, getting dressed in the morning plays a huge role in my confidence. A great outfit gets me ready to take on the day! Knowing that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg makes me feel even better. I want to share that confidence and joy with all of you, so join me and get inspired!