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Weekly Recap #12, 2022


Well, it’s safe to say my go-go-go lifestyle of the past two and a half months finally caught up to me last week… I was feeling so under the weather the past few days, which isn’t surprising considering my wacky sleep schedule and diet. Anyway, I’m glad to finally be feeling much better today and look forward to sharing all of last week’s fun activities below! My parents are still in the area and will be for another week and a half as we continue our UK tour. Eventually I plan on sharing more travel-related blog posts once I return to my cozy flat in Glasgow, but until then, here are a few outfits… Continue reading “Weekly Recap #12, 2022”

July 2021 Month in Review


Just like that, another month has come and gone! I can feel my summer vacation very quickly slipping away, and I’m not happy about it… However, I am looking forward to creating some back-to-school content these next few weeks, so stay tuned every Thursday for a new college-related blog post. Are you starting to get excited for the school year? Or are you still soaking up all-things summer? My favorite part of back-to-school season is always moving in and decorating my new space, but I could do without all the homework and stress. At least I don’t go back to Denver until September, so I still have some time! Continue reading “July 2021 Month in Review”

Weekly Recap #31, 2021


I can’t explain why, but this week has lasted SO long… Does anyone else feel like Monday was a month ago? My mom and I keep joking that we have absolutely no sense of time here. Along with the usual things keeping me busy—work, blogging, hanging out with the fam—I spent some time this week preparing for an exciting blog collaboration I’ll be doing in September, as well as a soon-to-be-published interview for a Colorado-based website. I can’t wait for either! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #31, 2021”