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It’s time for another Thrifty Six collaboration, and this month’s theme, chosen by Nancy, is a little out of the ordinary… “We’re not angry birds!” While I was initially taken aback by this fun and unique theme, I quickly thought of this teal faux fur jacket that I thrifted while in Scotland. Sure, it’s not feathers, but faux fur was the next closest thing in my closet. And the pretty color reminded me of the beautiful plumage of a peacock! When I told my boyfriend about the theme, though, he reminded me that we are *not* angry birds… so then really, based off the once-popular game, that means I should’ve dressed up as a green pig, ha! 


I wore this jacket and skirt together my second week in Scotland to grab brunch with a friend, but this time I wanted to style a more elevated look. I opted for my new grey ribbed crop top that I bought two weeks ago while modeling for that local boutique. I threw on my snakeskin booties, also thrifted in Glasgow, and a unique choker my mom gave me. I finished the look with a sparkly velvet clutchI wasn’t sure about it with the snakeskin booties at first, but now that I see them together in the photos, I like how the ensemble came together.  

snakeskin-booties-thrifted-style-black-skirt-going-out-look-teal-faux-fur-coat teal-faux-fur-coat-grey-cropped-tank-apricot-lane-boutique-black-skirt-snakeskin-booties

This outfit is definitely a little out there, but I don’t know, I think it’s funky—in a good way. I hope it doesn’t look too… hm, what’s the word? Trashy? Admittedly, I do feel a little unsure about it, especially after getting stared down by a creepy guy while taking these photos. I think an alternative outfit that would have been really cute is swapping the skirt with black skinny jeans as a way to tone the look down a bit. In fact, now that I say that, maybe I would have preferred it with skinny jeans. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

thrifted-fashion-faux-fur-going-out-look-post-grad-blogger snakeskin-booties-faux-fur-coat-corduroy-skirt-sparkly-purse

As for my hair and makeup, I kept things simple. I don’t love wearing my hair down with this jacket—especially in the winter, with the dryness—because it can make my hair a little staticy. But if I had my ears pierced, a fun pair of statement earrings would have been perfect with this claw clip up-do. The outfit would also look really cute with a bold eyeshadow and eyeliner, but as y’all know, I’m not one to do my makeup just for the sake of taking photos.

I could imagine wearing this look to grab drinks with friends downtown, and if I swapped out the skirt with black skinnies, I would even wear it to dinner. The outfit was also a contender for the Denver Fashion Week show I attended last Thursday, although I ultimately decided to wear a thrifted teal jumpsuit instead. (Sadly, the teal faux fur jacket and teal jumpsuit aren’t quite the same shade, so they don’t work together—trust me, I tried). 

teal-faux-fur-bedazzled-purse-choker-grey-ribbed-crop-top faux-fur-coat-thrifted-fashion-going-out-outfit

Be sure to check out how my thrifty friends interpreted this month’s fun theme at the links below. Also, a quick announcement: Lucy unfortunately had to leave our group, so we are really only the Thrifty Five right now. If you have any interest in joining this collaboration of secondhand fashionistas, let me know in the comments or send me an email, and I’ll bring it to the group!


Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:

“I have to admit that I was unsure how to interpret Nancy’s theme of ‘We Are Not Angry Birds’. In fact, I didn’t really interpret it at all. I put on this mostly thrifted outfit one day just because I had been wanting to style the striped duster. As we headed out to take photographs, it occurred to me that this outfit was making me really happy and I was definitely NOT an angry bird wearing it! It’s the perfect amount of print mixing and unique combination of pieces that really suits my quirky soul. My duster, skirt, velvet jacket, and necklace were all purchased second hand.”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“I can get really upset about certain things. About the situation in the world, for example. It gets grimmer and grimmer. I often think, where is it going to lead. Will it ever be ‘normal’ again. Or is this the new now. Well, if there’s one thing that can make a person happy, it’s birds. The lovely chattering in the spring. We have to wait a little longer there for that, but we can wear a nice bird print of course. Anyway I do, let’s see if my friends had the same thoughts.”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade:

“Ravens are not angry birds… The Thrifty Six theme for November is ‘We’re not angry birds.’ Interesting eh – well this is where I’m taking it… The statement leather collar on this dress reminds me of Raven’s wings. I love Ravens, I watch them every day from my window. People often think they’re sinister… but they’re actually funny and clever… definitely not angry birds!”

Emma of Style Splash:

“Nancy really threw us a curveball with this month’s theme. At first, I searched through my blog archives to see if I had something preloved with a bird print, but I couldn’t find anything. Then my mind turned to feathers and I remembered that I had this pink feather clutch that I bought on eBay years ago. That was my starting point for the outfit and it just got more flamboyant from then on… I ended up looking like a flamingo dipped in pearls!!”

. . . . .

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today, and I hope you have a great Monday! 


Miles of smiles, 



Grey Crop Top: Apricot Lane Boutique, $20 ($20 per wear), last worn here | Teal Faux Fur Jacket: Thrifted, $18 ($4.50 per wear), last worn here | Black Corduroy Skirt: Francesca’s, $35 ($0.97 per wear), last worn here | Snakeskin Booties: Thrifted, $11 ($11 per wear) | Beaded Velvet Clutch: Francesca’s, $20 ($10 per wear)

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  1. Grace, I love this teal color on you so much! In fact, peacock teal is one of my favorite colors ever and I will be painting my living room in this shade soon! I really like the way this look came together for you but I think I might also prefer it with black skinny jeans. But only because I am too cold right now for short skirts! You look fabulous as always, my friend!


    1. Thank you Shelbee! I agree, pants would have looked better. Peacock teal is one of my favorites, too! My teenager bedroom was that color and green.

    1. That’s a great rule, I completely agree. I wish I had swapped something out for a little more coverage.

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