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I’m teaming up with the bloggers of the Magnificent 8 again today, and this quarter’s theme is ‘Inspired by a Magazine Ad’! I have to admit, I don’t read, nor have I ever owned, fashion magazines, so I had a little difficulty brainstorming an outfit for this look. I decided to browse recent fashion magazine covers on the internet and stumbled across the July 2021 cover of InStyle Magazine featuring the actress Salma Hayek. This is my recreation of her look!


Here is what the real InStyle cover looks like for the month of July (photo sourced from, and credits can be found here). I don’t love this magazine cover—I think Hayek’s positioning is kind of awkward, as is the giant lion/dog creature—but this was the only recent magazine cover that I could find that featured an outfit even remotely similar to something I have in my own closet. Lots of cover outfits are avant garde or super edgy, so I wanted a look that was a little more practical and to my tastes.

black-fringe-dress-secondhand-thrifted-low-bun-silver-heels middle-part-silver-jewelry-v-neck-consignment-dress black-fringe-dress-alt-rebel-consignment-silver-heels

Hayek appears to be wearing either a black velvet blazer with pants or a black jumpsuit. I don’t own a plain black blazer, so I decided to mimic the basic silhouette of the outfit instead. I chose this formfitting black dress I purchased at a consignment store in Las Vegas during spring break. It has a deep v-neck to match the plunging neckline of Hayek’s jacket, and the dress has strong shoulders, too, which I thought paired nicely with the shoulder pads of the actress’ blazer. Aside from the color, that’s about all that is similar between Hayek’s look and mine! It’s a very loose outfit recreation…

red-lipstick-silver-jewelry-winged-eyeliner-low-bun black-fringe-formfitting-dress-silver-block-heels-low-bun red-lip-going-out-all-dressed-up-black-dress

The other thing of note in Hayek’s look is her large, sparkly jewelry. I opted to layer a crystal statement necklace and a hand-me-down chain, and I wore big silver bracelets on each arm. I didn’t have a large silver ring, like she does, and the biggest thing missing from my outfit recreation is the earrings. It’s unclear to me how exactly Hayek’s hair is styled in her cover photo, but I can tell that my hair is much longer than hers. I chose for a simple middle part and low bun (mostly because I was lazy), but I think my hairstyle really calls for big sparkly earrings. My face looks a little empty without them.

Possibly the easiest part of her outfit to recreate was the makeup. I’m not a big eyeshadow wearer, but I did draw on some thick winged eyeliner with a brush of red lipstick. I love the bold combo!

red-lipstick-black-dress-silver-heels-dressed-up inspired-by-a-magazine-cover-black-dress-silver-heels

All in all, this was a really fun outfit to (sort of) recreate. I thought all the big silver jewelry would be too much, but after having it on, I actually liked the bold and sparkly look of it all. I also absolutely love the fringe detail at the bottom of this dress. I kept trying to get a twirling shot so you could see it in action! It has such pretty movement and would be perfect for dancing. I haven’t worn the dress out yet, since I purchased it during the pandemic (for only $16, I might add), but I would love to wear this outfit to a fancy restaurant or some sort of dinner party. Maybe a show, like an upscale play or ballet? I always have these romantic ideas of places to wear special outfits… we’ll see if they ever happen.

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Black Fringe Dress: Alt Rebel in Las Vegas, $16 | Silver Heels: CL by Laundry via DSW, $40, last worn here

33 comments on “Inspired by a Magazine Cover”

  1. I just love how you also created the cover shot Grace. Leave it to you to go above and beyond.
    And I think this is a perfect inspiration look. You may say that it’s a loose recreation, yet I’ve been told many times that it’s an “Inspiration” not “copy”.

    1. Thank you Jodie! I read that in your post and it really resonated with me. I love trying to recreate things exactly, but it’s also fun to simply be inspired by something!

  2. Oh, well done, Grace! You did a superb job with your outfit, using the original cover as your stepping-off point. I love that dress! The fringe on the hem is awesome.

    I like how you echoed the gobs of jewelry, and agree that you need some big earrings with this look.

    1. Thanks Sheila! The fringe is so fun – that’s why I need to wear this dress out dancing.

  3. You look fantastic! Classy and sassy. I absolutely love the bold red lipstick you choose, icing on the cake.

  4. This is such a classic look – I love a little black outfit with a bit of bling and it looks great on both you and the cover! You really nailed this and look so good in your outfit! this was a really fun theme!

    Thanks for the link up too!

    Hope your week is going well 🙂

  5. What a good idea for a challenge. Absolutely LOVE your interpretation Grace, the dress and accessories are so beautiful and timeless. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday

  6. Gah, Grace, I love this! You look freaking amazing in this dress and I really like all the other details from your jewelry to your makeup and hair. How fun that you put yourself right onto the magazine cover! That made me smile so big. You are so creative. This was a really fun prompt! The beauty of it is that you can interpret it as loosely as you’d like. And you did a wonderful job! You and I are so similar in so many ways….I always get these romantic notions of places to wear certain outfits, but then nothing ever comes to be! And I just keep playing dress up and taking pictures of it. But it’s just so fun, isn’t it?


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee!! Yes, I am here for the dress up… I will be playing dress up for as long as I live, I’m certain of that! Haha.

  7. What a fun challenge, Grace! I love your recreation of Selma’s look! I remember that last year, there was Vogue Challenge circulating social media channels seeing users editing photos of themselves onto the cover of Vogue magazine. Take care xx

    1. I remember that, too! Not sure why I never did it because recreating this cover was really fun…

  8. I love your cover even more! Who knows, maybe in one day we will see you on this magazine cover in real! You look stunning in this outfit, Grace!


  9. You did an excellent job recreating this look. And love the makeup you did too. And I totally agree the lion statue is distracting and is taking up too much real estate, it is the first thing your eye goes to. I use work as a designer in magazines.

    Allie of

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