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How do you feel about overalls? Are they cute or do they look ridiculous on a full-grown adult? I contemplated them for several months, thinking that other people always look really cute in theirs but feeling unsure if I could pull them off myself. I saw this denim shorts version at the cutest boutique while visiting my friend back in June, and she convinced me to finally give overalls a try.


I’ve worn these overalls three times this summer—first to the Midsummer Festival in Estes Park, then for a casual Saturday running errands, and most recently over Labor Day weekend, when I took these pics at the Gaylord Rockies. Isn’t the backdrop really cool? I was so shocked that there was nobody in the background or in the Adirondack chairs that I actually thought for a moment I had unknowingly waltzed into a closed area.

I really loved the overalls the first time I wore them at the Midsummer Festival and felt so trendy wandering around all the booths—I paired them with a green and white striped tee and my blue/green splatter UIN sneakers. The second time I wore them, though, I felt a lot less comfortable because I think they shrunk just the teensy bit in the wash! Even though I hang-dry all my clothes and always follow the care instructions on the tag… I still think these overalls are cute, but I’d be lying if I said they don’t make me feel a little self-conscious now—they’re very short, and I think they would be more flattering on my thighs with an extra inch or two of length.


For today’s outfit I paired them with a lavender ribbed bodysuit—I love the light purple and blue together. I realized that most of the fitted tees I would wear under these overalls are actually bodysuits, and overalls already make it a pain to use the bathroom as it is… so imagine having to snap a bodysuit on top of that. I figured I could just leave the bodysuit unsnapped and tuck the ends up into the shirt—sure enough, it worked perfectly, and the thick denim kept any bunching from being visible.

summer-outfit-denim-overall-shorts-uin-footwear-passport-stamp-sneakers-rattan-purse summer-outfit-overalls-denim-lavender-bodysuit-trendypassport-stamp-shoes-travel-sneakers-uin-footwear

I threw on my newest UIN sneakers (sent to me by the brand) to complete the outfit—the print is a compilation of passport stamps, which I think is SO cute! I love all the colors and the travel theme. I’m wearing my usual size in their shoes, a six, and while they fit perfectly length-wise, they are so difficult to put on… as in, my foot barely fits through the opening. I’m not sure if it’s just a poor design or if the shoes need to be stretched out… Hopefully the latter works because I really like them and want to keep them!


Now, back to the overalls. I like this shorts version because it’s not as much of a commitment as wearing a full-length pair. I don’t think I could pull those off, unless they were printed—I’ve seen lots of very cute floral printed denim overalls on bloggers recently. I did try on a dark-wash pair in the mall years ago, that had flared bottoms and a deep v-neck instead of the typical overall buttons and pocket (very 70s chic), but they sadly didn’t have my size. The pair I tried on was smoking hot but too small—I would try a dressier full-length pair like that if I ever found the right style.


So what do you think? Are overalls cute or are you just waiting for the trend to pass? I know my dad hates them, but my boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind and actually thinks mine are kind of cute, to my surprise (I love hearing the brutally honest fashion opinions of the men in life—I find them so insightful).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Miles of smiles,


Lavender Bodysuit: Macy’s, $10 ($1.00 per wear) | Overalls: Pollux Boutique, $40 ($13.33 per wear) | Shoes: UIN Footwear, gifted by brand, buy here | Sunglasses: Sungait via Amazon, gifted by brand, last worn here | Purse: Shop LC, gifted by brand, last worn here

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  1. I used to have a pair of shorts overalls, maybe 20 years ago, so I was in my 20s. I found that with shorts, they have to be the right length and length opening for me to really like them which is why I got rid of a couple pairs this summer. I do love the pairing with the lavender bodysuit. I would say keep your eyes out and try out some pairs to see if you like a different length better because I do they they are a cute style on you.

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