Wearing Your Scarf as a Skirt?



It’s time for the first Magnificent 8 collaboration of the new year and we’re getting a little creative this time around. Rather than a color or specific type of clothing, this quarter’s theme is ‘wearing something in an unconventional way,’ which is SUCH a fun idea! Usually I would associate this kind of out-of-the-box outfit creation with the summer months (for example, last summer I styled a skirt as a top and it was a huge hit), but I had a more difficult time thinking of creative winter-appropriate outfits. That is, until I remembered this furry pink tube scarf lurking in the back of my closet!


I haven’t worn this scarf in a very long time (it kind of screams Mean Girls to me—on Wednesday’s we wear pink!) but I realized the tube shape could make the perfect outfit for this theme. Originally I considered wearing it as a bodycon dress, but it was way too loose up top and a little too tight in the hips to work. Instead, I turned it into a ‘pencil skirt’ and styled it with a black peplum top to cover the awkward waistline (which I tied a knot into to keep the skirt up). And voila! A totally new piece in my closet. You can see what the scarf looks like in its natural habitat below.


I think a long silver necklace would have paired better with this look, in order to elongate my torso, but all I had was this crystal statement necklace. I added my antique crystal bracelet from Etsy (last worn here) and my super sparkly bag for a fun night-out or a Valentine’s Day look! I think this ‘skirt’ could only be worn at night when it’s relatively dark, as the knitted nature of it makes it at risk for sheerness… It unsurprisingly wasn’t the most comfortable piece either (especially when sitting down as the scarf contracted) but it was really fun to try nonetheless!

silver-ring-purse-crimped-hair-black-peplum pink-pencil-skirt-carrie-bradshaw-outfit-silver-heels

I’m not sure if it’s the obnoxious color of the scarf, the peplum top, the angle at which these photos were taken, or some combination of all three, but something about this outfit makes me look very wide on the bottom half. I definitely have hips, but this outfit takes it to a whole new level! And I’m not sure if it’s in a good way, ha.

Not that anyone has any real Valentine’s Day plans this year, but this look would be so cute for a nice dinner out during a normal year. I think the skirt could have also paired well with a more fitted black blouse (which perhaps would fix the ‘wideness’ issue), or you could even rock it at a midi length with booties and a moto jacket for something edgier. I tried to keep the scarf above the knee, but it’s long enough to play around with the length a bit.

crimped-hair-peplum-top-pink-skirt wearing-scarf-as-skirt

I decided to crimp my hair to make this outfit have allll the Carrie Bradshaw vibes!! I’ve never actually seen Sex in the City (so correct me if I’m wrong), but it just seems like a furry pink skirt is something Carrie would wear. And since I love big hair so much, it was the perfect excuse to use the new crimping iron I got for Christmas!


What do you think of this outfit?? Would you ever try wearing a scarf as a skirt? In the warmer months, I think a lighter weight scarf could easily make a sarong-style skirt for the beach or everyday wear. Overall, I was so excited by how this look came together, even if it’s not perfect! Be sure to check out all the following ladies’ blogs to see how they’re styling pieces unconventionally today.


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Black Peplum Blouse: Nordstrom Rack, $20, last worn here | Pink Scarf: Gift | Silver Sparkly Purse: DSW, $40, last worn here | Silver Block Heels: CL by Laundry via DSW, $40, last worn here

29 comments on “Wearing Your Scarf as a Skirt?”

  1. Girl!! This is totally brilliant and mom, Lesley and I were talking about this exact idea with a scarf that my mom has. I’m going to steal it and copy you (again).
    BTW, having hips is a good thing and no way in H. E. double L does it look anything but spectacular on you!!

    1. Haha thank you so much Jodie!! And I can’t wait to see how you do it, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you had the same idea!

  2. Okay, Grace, I declare you the winner of this challenge! How fabulous! What a cool scarf and you really cannot tell that it’s not a skirt. I am totally digging the Carrie Bradshaw vibes, too! I don’t think your hips look wide at all, by the way. The scarf skirt definitely gives you curves but not at all unflattering ones!


  3. What a great idea! Even though you showed it as a scarf I really don’t believe it does both scarf and skirt so well, what a great piece! It looks so cosy and is perfect with the peplum top – curves for days in the best way! Valentine’s date night perfection! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

  4. I remember those types of scarves! I think the texture makes it a cute skirt! Almost like a feather skirt! I think you did a great job!

  5. Oh wow I had a scarf JUST like this! But in a orange topaz color. Mean Girls lol, yes it is VERY from the Mean Girls era. But what a great idea! i don’t think you look wide, but yes it is the camera angle. And your hair looks good crimped!

    Allie of

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