A Casual (But Not Boring) NYE Outfit


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Sadly, Christmas has already come and gone (tears), BUT we still have New Year’s Eve in which to place our excitement. Do you have your outfit ready yet? I, most likely, will rock my blue penguin onesie from Francesca’s. It doesn’t get fancier than that. But honestly, I probably will just wear pajamas because my family generally has a movie marathon on NYE. This is very fun, but there is also a part of me that wants to wear a sequin dress and go to a party. Is that how you’ll be spending your night? In a cute outfit watching the ball drop? I got you covered!

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If I were going to a party or some sort of get-together, I would rock this more casual version of an NYE outfit because of the pants. I like to get comfy! Who doesn’t? And while sequin dresses are show-stopping and fun, pants can be both stylish and practical (and allow you to curl up on the couch for those little naps before the clock strikes twelve). I bought these pants at the Sundance outlet store in Salt Lake City while they were on sale. Otherwise, I would have never been able to afford them (if you know anything about the gorgeous hippy brand Sundance, then you know that it’s ridiculously expensive). These pants are still more than I would generally pay, but I couldn’t resist the edgy moto detail on the knees. What can I say, this girl is a sucker for studs.

I paired my pants with a girly black blouse from Purpose Boutique. Purpose has three stores in Washington state and the cutest selection of girly/trendy items. Admittedly, a lot of the items are more than I would usually spend, but the prices aren’t terrible. Plus, if you catch them during a sale, you’re golden. I bought this blouse back in October from the store in Tacoma (the same day I went to the pumpkin patch) and they gave me my birthday discount a little early. The staff was great—an employee named Grace helped me!—and the décor is the cutest. The store is how I imagine my massive dream closet to look. But the best part?? Some of their sales go towards helping women rescued from human trafficking. Talk about fashion for a cause! (Plus, this provides reason to spend a little more on the clothes.)

Anyway, initially I didn’t want to get this shirt because I felt I already had too much black. But obviously, I went back for it because I couldn’t get it out of my head! The sparkly floral detail and the ruffle sleeves are so gorgeous. I thought the girly-ness of it made an interesting juxtaposition with the edginess of the pants.

I figured all the sparkles, the studs, and the purse made the outfit pretty “extra” as it was, so I opted for no jewelry. I did, however, put on makeup! I hardly ever wear makeup but I decided to put on some grey eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, and mascara. You couldn’t really tell in these photos that I was wearing eyeshadow, but oh well.

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YOUR TURN! How can you achieve a similar look with items already in your closet? These bedazzled grey jeans are pretty unique, but you could look for regular grey jeans or even just skinny jeans to wear. Pick your favorite fancy blouse (sparkles are always great!) and half-tuck it into your pants. If your look is a little lackluster, you can play up your makeup, layer on some jewelry, or add some uber-sparkly nail polish. Curled hair would also be pretty! I wanted to do my hair, but it was SO static-y due to the cold/dryness that I had to just get it out of my face.

I hope this outfit inspired you! And that you had a wonderful Christmas. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Black Sparkly Blouse: Purpose Boutique, $38 // Grey Bedazzled Jeans: Sundance Outlet, $60 // Black Pleated Heels: Kelly and Katie via DSW, $40 // Beaded Grey Clutch: Charming Charlie, $40

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  1. This outfit is adorable! I love that blouse so much and it pairs perfectly with the edgier jeans. Your clutch is absolutely stunning as well. I will most likely be spending NYE in my pjs as well! And will probably fall asleep long before midnight! Thanks so much for joining Ada’s Thursday Moda Link Up. Wishing you all the best in the new year!


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