Merry Christmas! (And A Holiday Outfit Round-Up)


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Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating today!! I hope you are having a wonderful day full of laughter and cheer. 😀 As some of you may have seen on my Instagram post yesterday, I had a photoshoot planned but then it began to snow, which left me with no new content for today’s post.

So instead, I decided to round-up some past posts with outfits cute for the holidays, whether it be a cozy night in, a fancy party out, reds, greens, or even the unusual pinks and navies. While not all of the posts were taken with winter in mind, all of the outfits can be modified for colder weather. I hope you get some inspiration from these posts and that you enjoy the day! Keeping it short but one more thing before I go: it’s fun looking at how much my hair has grown and how whiter my teeth look. Using Crest 3D White Strips back in August has made a big difference (you can read more about my teeth-whitening experience). The original outfits will also be linked in order of appearance at the bottom of this post. Catch ya later! 🙂

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Red Blouse and Polka Dot Pants // Striped Cardigan and Green Scarf // Grey Sweater and Red Plaid Pants // Black Velvet Blouse and Green Pants // Red Sweater and Black Pants // White Sweater and Blue Skirt // Black Feathery Dress and Silver Beaded Clutch // Green Leopard Blouse and Black Skirt // Red Sparkly Dress // Sparkly Navy Sweater and Green Pants // Pinstripe Dress and Blush Cardigan // Lace Blouse and Grey Trousers // Navy Sweater and Navy Skirt // Blush Blouse and Black Skirt // Black Rouched Blouse and Houndstooth Pants // Red Blouse and Blue Pea Coat

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