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Weekly Recap #13, 2022


At this point, my weekly recaps are just a travel journal as opposed to a log of my outfits… I’m at the point where I no longer have clean clothes shoved into my tiny backpack, so my outfits have been entirely composed of mildly smelly shirts and jeans, with absolutely no style or thought required. But the traveling certainly makes up for the lack of fashion because this week was incredible! Monday feels like a month ago after squeezing so much into a few days. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #13, 2022”

Tickle Me Pink


Finally, a good ol’ fashioned outfit post! It’s time for another Thrifty Six collaboration, and this month it was my turn to choose a theme. When I went to my first thrift shop in Glasgow to look for something colorful for January’s collab, I also stumbled upon this really unique baby pink sweater. As such, I decided to choose “Tickle Me Pink” for February’s theme, which seemed fitting for the month of love. Continue reading “Tickle Me Pink”

2022 Plans and Goal Setting


I know I am wayyy late to the party to be sharing a post about my 2022 plans in February, but I had such a hectic start to the year that I just didn’t get around to posting my new year’s goals until now. While I did manage to set aside some time during my first few weeks in Scotland to reflect and brainstorm what I want to achieve in 2022, the fact of the matter is that a lot of the goals I set just weeks ago have already changed drastically. Continue reading “2022 Plans and Goal Setting”