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Spring Has Sprung

Pic 16

Guess what day it is? HUMP DAY. Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way…Haha. Today I thought it might be fun to walk you through how I put this outfit together. I wore this during my spring break in California to go shopping, go out to dinner, walk around town, and just be touristy in general. 🙂 Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung”

How to Wear Black and Orange Without Looking like a Halloween Decoration

Pic 7

Isn’t it funny how we often shy away from certain color combos because of holidays? Red and green, orange and purple, black and yellow (bumble bees, anyone?), and today’s topic of choice, black and orange. It’s kind of annoying because that knocks out a lot of fun color options. So I’ve been experimenting to find a way to still wear those colors together, and these are the tips I’ve come up with. Keep reading to check ’em out! Continue reading “How to Wear Black and Orange Without Looking like a Halloween Decoration”

Sky Blue

Pic 9

Good morning! I just have a regular ol’ blog post today. Can you spot a gargoyle in the above pic? On another random note, how pretty do those yellow plants look with my blue blouse?! Continue reading “Sky Blue”