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I’ve always loved the month of August for one reason: the allure of a back-to-school makeover. Whether on a show like “What Not to Wear” or YouTube videos of drastic bedroom redecorating, I enjoy seeing the magic of change and the fruit of forethought brought to fruition. There’s always something so refreshing about “reinventing” yourself or your look to start a new stage in your life (school year or otherwise). While I’ve never had a transformation quite as fantastic as Mia’s in The Princess Diaries, I do give myself a little makeover near the middle of each August not only to make myself feel the most beautiful and confident, but also to have something to look forward to when school may otherwise be…a dread. So without further ado, here awaits ­­­seven easy ideas for some well-deserved self-pampering.

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1. Crest 3D White Strips. I did a post reviewing Crest whitening strips back in October, and I have now used their products twice (soon to be a third time!). While the process can be a bit time consuming and not completed in a dramatic, one-day makeover, there’s nothing like having a confident white smile. If you feel good about those pearly whites, then you’ll be way more likely to smile often—which is the prettiest thing you can do!

2. Eyebrows on Fleek. I love having freshly plucked eyebrows and feeling like they’re the perfect sculpted shape. This is one makeover aspect that can easily be accomplished in the comfort of your own bathroom, but beware: you have to take great caution so as not to pluck too much. Every now and again I get my eyebrows professionally waxed when I get facials. This makes it really easy for me to know where to tweeze the stray hairs because I can follow a line of regrowth. But if you’ve never messed with your eyebrows before? Maybe stick to cleaning up that unibrow instead (I know I have to). It’s very easy to get carried away, and once you tweeze too much, it’s really hard to get your eyebrows back. So just be mindful!

3. Shave. While we’re on the topic of hair, another rewarding (yet not very fun) makeover item is shaving. You probably shave every few days anyway, but if you’re anything like me, laziness affects your ability and the closeness of the razor. Most of the time I don’t even bother with shaving my thighs because the light of day doesn’t shower them very often. I’m not ashamed. But with that said, the satisfaction of a silky smooth, buttery leg is hard to beat. Maybe even spend some time using other hair removal products on pesky places like your stomach or upper lip (gasp!).

4. Face Mask. I’m not sure I’ve ever completed a face mask at home and visibly seen less blackheads or blemishes immediately, but that fresh, glowing skin after a treatment is so revitalizing. Not to mention, masks often require a few hours (or a few days) for their powers to truly kick in. I used the Epicuren Discovery Volcanic Clay Purifying Mask last night, and my skin felt so energized and smooth afterwards!

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5. Bath Tubbing and Relaxation. Sure, the visible aspects of a makeover hold the most excitement and tangible satisfaction, but what about the mental parts? Taking a warm, relaxing bath can ease your mind and help you completely restart, your body together with your psyche. Throw in your favorite bath bomb, salts, or bubble bath; light some candles to create the perfect ambiance; and enjoy your own personal oasis in quiet solitude. Don’t forget to leave the phone behind—swap it out for a book instead, or better yet, enjoy your own company with some good old-fashioned daydreaming and mindfulness.

6. Mani Pedi Time. Of course, no makeover would be complete without a fresh coat of polish on your fingernails and toenails. My favorite affordable brand is Sally Hansen, and while doing your own nails may be time consuming, it’s much more affordable! Make the experience more enjoyable by having your favorite guilty pleasure TV show playing while the paint dries (my current binge is “Gossip Girl”).

7. Hair Trim. Last but certainly not least, your hair could most likely always use a little pampering (I know mine could). Even if you aren’t prepared for a drastic haircut or new color, something as simple as a trim to take off the split ends can act as the perfect hair treatment to complete your makeover. I always love that soft feel of freshly-cut hair, not to mention the amazing smells of all the salon’s products! Since getting your hair done is the only task on this list that requires leaving your house, plan your makeover for whatever day you schedule your hair appointment. Then you can experience the most noticeable change by completing all these items in one day—and going to sleep with the freshness of a new look. Hello, new you! You look fabulous. 😉

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Whether you desire a whole new appearance or just the feeling of a fresh start, these subtle (and simple!) makeover tricks will leave you feeling completely reenergized and ready to take on whatever life throws your way—girl power style. How do you like to pamper yourself? Do you love the excitement of a makeover as much as I do? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. Have a lovely Monday, ladies!


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Polka Dot Collar Blouse: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s, $36 // Navy Skirt: Francesca’s, sale price of $10 // White Heeled Sandals: Kelly & Katie via DSW, $50, buy here // Polka Dot Sunglasses: store at Container Park in Las Vegas, $15 // Pink Kate Spade Purse: gift

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