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September 2023 Month in Review


And just like that, Spooky Season is upon us! I’ve hardly thought about Halloween costumes yet, but I think a fun couples costume idea would be my boyfriend dressing up as a bear and me wearing a decked-out floral dress to be the couple at the end of Midsommar. But alas, I have no capacity to make a costume this year (last year I painted my Van Gogh dress and it took hours). Another fun couples costume idea that my friend recommended would be dressing up as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, ha! Hopefully I think of something cute and simple, but for now I just have to focus on the next two weeks of travel. Time is flying! Continue reading “September 2023 Month in Review”

Weekend Trip to Las Vegas


I’ve been to Las Vegas countless times to visit family, but I’ve never really experienced Sin City as an adult, aside from one night of bachelorette festivities to celebrate my sister-in-law a few years ago. My boyfriend and I thought it would be a fun (and relatively easy to plan) vacation to squeeze in before the end of the summer. We spent it lounging by the pool, getting dressed up, eating delicious food, and of course, gambling! I didn’t take that many photos and tried to enjoy just being in the moment for once, so here are only a few pics from throughout the weekend. Continue reading “Weekend Trip to Las Vegas”

A Flirty Wedding Guest Option


If you read yesterday’s weekly recap, the fourth time was the charm! I finally managed to snap pics of this pretty navy dress. I find navy really hard to photograph since it oftentimes just looks black on camera—I think this sunny location was perfect to highlight the dark blue shade. Continue reading “A Flirty Wedding Guest Option”