Dress for the Occasion: 5 Summer Looks

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It’s summer, and you’re on the market for a new dress. Don’t worry, I got chu! Today I’ve rounded up five super cute dresses—each for a different occasion—to get you through all your summer soirees. It’s 12:41 AM as I write this, so I’m keeping things short today! Continue reading

What Goes Around Comes Around: My Top Ten Countdown

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Isn’t it funny how things come back in style? The choker I’m wearing in this post, for example, was given to me by mom many years ago, along with a lot of other chokers she didn’t wear anymore. I never really wore them either, that is, until last year. Chokers became so popular again! And I already had a bunch lying around the house to experiment with. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Dresses

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Hey y’all! How’s your week going? Personally this week has been going by so slow…But I wore this outfit on Monday to school and got a ton of compliments, so that’s always nice. 🙂 Now to the heart of the matter: dresses. I just am very curious and have a few questions for all of you about this particular clothing item. Keep reading if you’re curious like I am. 😉 Continue reading