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Meet Ernest

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Howdy partner! (You can call me Woody.) Today, I’d like to introduce you to Ernest the Elephant. As some of you know (I mentioned it in my old About Page), I LOVE elephants; they’re my favorite animal, along with sharks. I actually counted the number of elephants in my room last night and I found at least 16. But what do these cute and lovable creatures have to do with a fashion blog? Continue reading “Meet Ernest”

A Random Collection of a Fashionista’s Thoughts

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Sometimes a girl just has to talk, amirite? So today, that’s what I’m doing. I’m just writing some of the crazy thoughts that are swirling in my head right now! Read on…if you dare…mua haha ha ha ha! Continue reading “A Random Collection of a Fashionista’s Thoughts”

Brick by Brick: The Lego Americana Roadshow

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Okay, just a disclaimer, today’s post is NOT about fashion. It’s about Legos and history and the U.S.A. and a stroll down memory lane. If none of that sounds interesting, I suppose you could skip this post…but I’d love for you to read it, and you might find it interesting. 😉 Continue reading “Brick by Brick: The Lego Americana Roadshow”