Gym Class 101: Surviving the Sweat

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This semester, I’m taking a P.E. class as one of my last requirements before graduating high school. I don’t mind the fitness aspect of gym class, but I do mind getting super sweaty and then having to put my regular clothes back on. As someone who likes to dress up every day, it can be a hassle changing back and forth, especially when it’s super hot in the locker rooms! So whether you like to take breaks from work and head to the gym, or if you have P.E. like me, today I’m sharing some tips for surviving the sweat of a midday workout.

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Tip #1

Plan your outfits according to your workout. Of course, you probably won’t always know what your teacher has planned or what machines will be available in the gym. But you most-likely have some idea as to how hard you’ll be working—will it be a cardio day? Or just lifting weights? For me, our class has Workout Wednesdays, so I can always expect to get a little extra sweaty and hot on those days. Usually I plan ahead by wearing a dress or skirt and a top with short sleeves. Skirts are cooler on your legs (I hate the feeling of pants stuck against *moist* thighs—such a gross word) and fast to change into. Short sleeves on top keep you from overheating post-workout (I am always so hot during the period right after P.E.).

Tip #2

Keep the essentials in your gym bag. Always make sure to carry your favorite perfume/body spray, deodorant, a hair tie, tennis shoes, extra socks, and lotion. My new favorite deodorant is Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid–this stuff works so well for me. You’re actually supposed to put it on at night for maximum protection, but I like to do a little “touch-up” after gym class. I also newly discovered Pacifica Deodorant Wipes. These are awesome—it’s like taking a shower without getting wet. I usually only use one towelette on super sweaty days, and I smear it in my underarms, on my belly, behind my knees, and on my neck.

As far as lotion and body spray go, I would stick to the cheap stuff in case you lose your gym bag or it gets stolen. I like the smells “Sweet Pea” and “Japanese Cherry Blossom” from Bath & Body Works. And of course, since I love to keep things real, all of the products I photographed are already half used. 😉 I really need to remember to pack a mini electric fan in my bag as well! I always get SO hot after class and it’s really hard for me to cool down.

Tip #3

If you absolutely have to take a shower (gasp!), make sure you come prepared. Bring old flip flops, a caddy that you can hang on the stall door, and a towel. I recommend this fast-drying towel. It’s not the coziest thing ever, but it really does dry insanely fast and doesn’t take up much space. You can basically put it back in your bag right after it gets wet—that’s how well it works.

I wouldn’t recommend washing your hair at school (I only wash my hair every third day anyways), but if your head sweats a lot, it may be necessary. Bring a hair dryer so you don’t get cold after your shower or any awkward wet marks on your blouse (I think y’all with long hair know of the embarrassing placement I’m talking about). If washing your hair is too much of a hassle, try dry shampoo instead. Or, like me, rock a thick headband to cover up the greasy hair!

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See how hilarious I look in this picture!! I had way too much photographing this outfit. Who says playgrounds are just for little kids?! Also, I am ashamed to say, I can no longer do the monkey bars.

Anyway, I hope you found this post helpful! Do you ever go to the gym or have P.E. class in the middle of the day? How do you deal with changing and getting gross? I’d love to know any tips in the comments! All of the products mentioned in today’s post are available to shop at the links in the text. Have a great Wednesday!


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Teal Athletic Top: JCPenney // Black Tennis Skirt: Nike Store // Running Shoes: Bandana Running // Headband: Boulder Bands


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