Ways to Make a Girly Dress More Edgy


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Hey gals! I’m not really sure how applicable this post is, but maybe it will come in handy. There are definitely times I’ve wanted to take a girly dress and make it more edgy. Is that common? Is that something you’ve ever tried to do? Or is this post just a way too specific topic? Anyways, maybe you were in a situation like me: I only had one fancy dress that would fit the occasion (more on that later in the post!) but since I was on vacation, I didn’t have room to pack an additional pair of shoes to go with the dress. I only had my black studded sandals, which I felt didn’t really fit the “vibe” of my dress. So I got to thinking of some ways I could make the whole look edgier! And these are what I’ve come up with. 🙂

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Add a leather jacket. I did not have a leather jacket with me for this look, but it’s a super simple way to elevate any outfit into a super cool one. A slightly cropped leather jacket would look great with dresses because the shorter hemline would create the illusion of longer legs.

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Think about jewelry. Accessories are always so important. I added a choker to my look, but other important jewelry items to change your look would be earring jackets, ear cuffs, super long earrings, lots of dainty rings, or really any jewelry with studs.

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Consider hair. Okay, so my hair is more “old Hollywood glam”, which is definitely not edgy, but hair is also an important factor. For a BA vibe, part your hair super far on one side and braid back the other part to give the appearance of a partly shaved head. Or part your hair in the middle and style it with beachy waves. Or add a super cool and unique hairpiece like mine! I got it at a craft fair a really long time ago…

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Don’t forget the shoes! And of course, the thing that inspired this entire outfit. Pick a trendy shoe like block heels, something with studs, or shoes in dark colors with some sort of unique detail.

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I hope you found these tips somewhat helpful, if you ever run into this situation…? Anyways, I wore this look to a Rod Stewart show, and it was totally awesome!! Such a fun night. Plus it was the perfect excuse to dress up. To my aunt: if you’re reading this, I posted this look today just for you!

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P.S. I just realized the more grammatically correct title would be “Ways to Make Your Dress Edgier” but now it’s too late to change it over all of my social media platforms and what-not. So…


Dress: JCPenney, $36, last seen here // Shoes: Dillard’s, $30, last seen here // Purse: bought in airport, $30, last seen here


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    1. Thanks so much!! I love big, glam curls, but I hardly ever use heat on my hair. It’s fun for a special occasion though! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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