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A Flirty Wedding Guest Option


If you read yesterday’s weekly recap, the fourth time was the charm! I finally managed to snap pics of this pretty navy dress. I find navy really hard to photograph since it oftentimes just looks black on camera—I think this sunny location was perfect to highlight the dark blue shade. Continue reading “A Flirty Wedding Guest Option”

Weekly Recap #28, 2023


I’ve had Taylor Swift on the mind all week! She performed both Friday and Saturday night at the Empower Field Stadium downtown. I tried very hard to win concert tickets through various sweepstakes, including calling into my local radio station 212 times (!!), but no luck. I would have loved to go! I didn’t try to buy tickets way back when because they were pretty expensive and the hassle of the whole Ticketmaster queue didn’t sound worth it to me. I did not anticipate being inundated by concert posts for months and feeling such FOMO. At least I can seek solace in the fact that even if I had tried to buy tickets, it’s possible I wouldn’t have been able to anyways. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #28, 2023”

Summer Ready


It’s been a very rainy spring in Denver—after an unusually cloudy winter—so I couldn’t be happier that the weather is finally beginning to turn. It feels like summer! Windows down, warm nights, sandal season… I’ve been working outside on my apartment’s deck in the evenings and it just can’t be beat. I’m hoping to lounge by the pool and maybe play some tennis or golf over the long weekend! Continue reading “Summer Ready”