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Weekly Recap #28, 2023


I’ve had Taylor Swift on the mind all week! She performed both Friday and Saturday night at the Empower Field Stadium downtown. I tried very hard to win concert tickets through various sweepstakes, including calling into my local radio station 212 times (!!), but no luck. I would have loved to go! I didn’t try to buy tickets way back when because they were pretty expensive and the hassle of the whole Ticketmaster queue didn’t sound worth it to me. I did not anticipate being inundated by concert posts for months and feeling such FOMO. At least I can seek solace in the fact that even if I had tried to buy tickets, it’s possible I wouldn’t have been able to anyways. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #28, 2023”

Weekly Recap #27, 2023


Look how far my little plant has come! I’ve been growing these marigolds from seed as part of a team building exercise at work and recently repotted him in this vibrant pot that my grandma gave me. He was looking close to death a few times, but I managed to salvage him! I’m so excited he’s bloomed and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of red in the petals. I’ve had several plants before, some I’ve even kept alive for years, but I’ve never grown something from seed. Makes me think I should plant a few more things next spring! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #27, 2023”

Weekly Recap #19, 2023


I wrote today’s post on the plane ride back to Denver after spending the weekend in Seattle with family. Even though I don’t consider Washington my home anymore (I was born there and moved to Boise in 2008), it will always have a special place in my heart. I love being on the Puget Sound, and we lucked out with the most beautiful and sunny weather! I only wish I had time to visit some of the old haunts while we were there. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #19, 2023”