Let’s Brighten Up January with The Thrifty Six



I got my new tripod on Saturday, and it feels SO good to finally share an outfit post again! I’ve missed blogging and have felt very odd not posting the last few weeks (aside from my weekly recaps, of course—but I don’t really count those). Today’s blog post is my monthly collaboration with the Thrifty Six, and Emma chose the theme ‘Brighten Up January’ for this month. Usually I really dislike January—all the holidays are over, it’s cold and dark, and everybody is trying to have a healthy start to the new year (which generally means eating less sweets, boo). Emma’s idea was perfect—to make January less gloomy by forcing us to wear fun colors, instead of the dark colors so common in the dreary winter months. I figured, what better way to brighten up January than with a teal faux fur coat?!


I had my first thrifting adventure in Scotland on Thursday of last week. I knew from Emma and a few other bloggers I follow that what Americans call ‘thrift stores’ are known as ‘charity shops’ here in the UK. I first went to a vintage store near campus, and while they had some really fun (and colorful!) pieces, they were all still quite expensive. I almost called it a day but decided to walk to a nearby charity shop as well, and I’m so glad I did.

It was a very small store but quite cute, and I definitely plan on going back in a couple of months. While lots of pieces caught my eye, I had to remind myself that I was on a mission to find something colorful for today’s collaboration. Granted, the fur coat I ended up with is on the darker side, but I feel like the sassy faux fur aspect adds to the ‘brightening’ factor for this month’s theme. This coat is just such a fun piece, and I don’t have anything like it in my closet!

space-buns-maroon-circle-purse-faux-fur college-fashion-turquoise-faux-fur-jewel-tones

My inspiration for today’s outfit was Keely from the show “Ted Lasso”. She wears such fun and unique outfits (including faux fur), so I wanted to create a ‘cool’ look that I wouldn’t otherwise think to put together. I initially planned on pairing this jacket with a grey t-shirt, but that would be too easy! I ended up with this speckled blush tee instead, and I tied the colors together with my maroon purse—mainly because it’s the only purse I brought with me to Scotland. But the jewel tones look great together, don’t you think?

cool-outfit-space-buns-faux-fur-fishnets black-corduroy-skirt-fishnet-tights-leopard-rain-boots

I added maroon sunglasses as well, and I threw on my fishnet tights for extra pizazz. At first, the leopard rain boots were a necessity—I only brought tall black knee boots or these leopard booties, and the booties went better with the outfit than the knee boots. But now I quite like the printed boots with the look beyond just having to settle on them! I think the leopard adds extra visual interest and is something I would never have thought to pair with this outfit if I had my full shoe choice back at home.

Overall, I really love how this edgy and sassy outfit turned out. I was going to wear it to brunch yesterday (the coat is surprisingly warm), but I decided it was too much for just breakfast… Although now I think I should have worn it anyway. When in Scotland, right? But it’s no matter, this outfit would also make a super cute look for a concert or a night out with friends. I felt like such a bad b*tch in it, and I got lotssss of stares as I took these photos near my flat.

jewel-tones-faux-fur-space-buns-college-fashion turquoise-faux-fur-coat-thrifted-secondhand

Now, onto my thrifty friends’ colorful outfits for January! Click the links below to be redirected to their blogs and read more about their colorful ensembles.


Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style:

“You all know I am not the most colorful person, on the outside that is lol, but this sweater feels really colorful to me. I love a dark floral print. With a bit of glitter too. I bought recently three preloved sweaters and this is my favorite one. I couldn’t resist wearing it with an also preloved black maxi skirt. But I chose colorful ankle boots too!”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge:

“When Emma said brighten up January, I went full on bright color blocking because it is so gray and dreary here. This preloved pink shirt dress was just handed down to me from my neighbor because it didn’t fit her anymore. This amazing scarf was borrowed stolen from my son. My neon Zara sweater, orange button down shirt, and green heart necklace were all thrifted. I felt like a box of 1980’s neon crayons and it made me so happy!”

Emma of Style Splash:

“I always find January is such a dreary time of year – the festivities are over, the decorations packed away, and spring is still a way off. It’s hardly a recipe for joy. But I’m fighting back with colourful outfits and a determination to stay positive. Let’s brighten up January and get through it with a smile!”

Lucy of Lucy Bertoldi:

“I’ve inherited this scarf years ago (the 80’s to be exact) … and all I did was wear it a few times. Why? Well for one thing, when you start wearing white in Canada, it’s basically no longer time for scarves – because it means we are straight into heat wave season. But not here in Southern Florida, where January makes it oh-so-perfect to wear! I love blue and white… oh so bright!  Unless of course, January in Florida is too early for white?!”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade:

“Blue and green should never be seen?!?… An old saying without any real reason? I bring you electric blue accessorised with turquoise, aqua and forest green… is it so terrible? I feel like an angel in azure when I wear this striking evening dress… It’s a feast for the eye and perfect for the Thrifty Six ‘Brighten up January’ theme!”

. . . . .

What do you think of today’s outfit? Too out-there or the perfect amount of fun to spice up January? Let me know in the comments below, and have a great start to your week!


Miles of smiles,



Blush Strappy Tee: JCPenney, $18, last worn here | Teal Faux Fur Coat: Thrifted, $18 | Black Corduroy Skirt: Francesca’s, $35, last worn here | Fishnet Tights: Forever 21, $7, last worn here | Leopard Rain Booties: Ralph Lauren via DSW, $60, last worn here

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  1. Grace, what a wonderful charity shop find! That coat is amazing and it looks so great on you. I love the fishnet tights and leopard boots with this look, too. It is super sassy and fun! You are glowing in these photos, by the way. I imagine you must be having the time of your life in Scotland! I just photographed my outfit for our Magnificent 8 collab coming up and it has a sort of Scottish vibe to it! I can’t wait to share it!


    1. Ooh I can’t wait to see it!! Thanks so much Shelbee. It’s been pretty great so far. But maybe the glow is also the greasy skin I have been experiencing since getting here, lol!

  2. The sassy faux fur really does add to the brightening! I love the way you are sparking up January! Beautiful!

  3. OMG, you will have to check out my Saturday post where I showcase my daily outfits because I just bought a coat almost identical to this one Grace. It goes to show I’m a kid at heart!!
    Therefore, I have to tell you that I adore this look and I’m so glad you found thrift stores there.

    1. Ahh so fun! It’s a great color, right?! Such a unique piece, I can already imagine all the cool ways you’ll style yours.

  4. I would totally have worn this to breakfast if it was cold enough to wear such a coat here – what a great opshop find! you really scored! 🙂

    Hope that your week is off to a good start 🙂

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