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Abstract Absurdity


Today is National Absurdity Day (there’s a day for everything), so the theme for November’s Thrifty Six collaboration is absurd outfits. My initial thought went to a huge, teal, tulle Betsy Johnson dress that I thrifted for $1 and have never worn (because it’s so out there), but then I remembered it’s still at my parents’ house in Boise. So I had to go with Plan B instead. Since I don’t have any one thrifted item that’s particularly absurd, my goal was to put together a few of my funkier thrifted pieces for an overall absurd outfit. I can tell you one thing… I definitely felt absurd (yet fabulous) walking around and taking these pics! Continue reading “Abstract Absurdity”

Inspired by Taylor Swift Eras


It was my turn to choose the Thrifty Six theme this month, and I landed on Taylor Swift eras! Perfect timing with the release of her new concert movie, right? Now, I decided on this theme a long time ago, even before all the Travis Kelce drama… so I get that people might be over the whole T-Swift thing at this point. But I made this eras-inspired Reel over the summer and realized several of my outfits were secondhand… so I thought it would be a creative (and versatile) theme for our group. There has to be something for everyone with all of her different styles over the years! Continue reading “Inspired by Taylor Swift Eras”

Weekend Trip to Las Vegas


I’ve been to Las Vegas countless times to visit family, but I’ve never really experienced Sin City as an adult, aside from one night of bachelorette festivities to celebrate my sister-in-law a few years ago. My boyfriend and I thought it would be a fun (and relatively easy to plan) vacation to squeeze in before the end of the summer. We spent it lounging by the pool, getting dressed up, eating delicious food, and of course, gambling! I didn’t take that many photos and tried to enjoy just being in the moment for once, so here are only a few pics from throughout the weekend. Continue reading “Weekend Trip to Las Vegas”