Why Photoshoots Are Good for the Soul


purple flowers, mums, green army jacket, blush shirt, sparkly headband

{Click} “Work it work it!” {Click click click.} You guys…photoshoots are not just for models, high school seniors, and bloggers anymore. Before I started Graceful Rags back in 2016, I wasn’t that into photos unless I was being a tacky tourist and trying to make it look like I was “holding” the Seattle Space Needle (you know, those pictures that never turn out how we want them to?). BUT then I came to college and met my roomie/photographer/partner in crime Piper and found out that she likes photoshoots too…for no particular reason other than that they’re fun. Now, she’s converted me to loving photoshoots as a pastime instead of just something I have to do for my blog (I can neither confirm nor deny that we have a running list of shoots we want to do over the next year…). I am now convinced that photoshoots are not just an activity but a way of life. Am I being dramatic? Yes. But are photoshoots good for the soul? Absolutely, and here are seven reasons to explain why.

pink flowers, leopard rain boots, black mini skirt, blush shirt, green army jacketpurple flowers, blush top, sparkly headband, photoshoots

Photoshoots increase your people skills. Picture this (pun intended): You’re walking along with your girlfriends and want the perfect shot with y’all and the city skyline in the background. But alas, that means one of you has to buck up and ask a stranger walking by to snap your photo. Nose goes! I’ve definitely been one to chicken out in the past because I don’t want to talk to some rando off the street, but that’s a lame excuse to miss out on capturing a memory of you and your friends. Photoshoots can help you build nerve and confidence to reach out to passers-by—don’t be shy, girlies!

blush shirt, green army jacket, leopard rain bootsblush t-shirt, black corduroy skirt, pink flowers

Natural lighting is the best lighting…Which means getting outdoors! Ain’t nobody want those shadowy, yellow-lit photos from inside a building, so photoshoots force you to go outside and experience Mother Nature at her finest. Sure, it might be freezing cold and raining, but anything for the shot, amirite? I don’t know about y’all, but I spend the majority of my day cooped up inside, so any excuse to experience the beauty of the outdoors is at least good for MY soul.

purple mums, blush shirt, green army jacket, sparkly headband

Photoshoots are an excuse to get creative with props. Have a bouquet of flowers or another miscellaneous item that you don’t want to just sit idly on your desk? Memorialize them by carrying them in your photoshoot! Sure, it’s not weird at all to casually hold a bouquet of flowers that are stuffed tightly into a water bottle…It’s totally normal guys. Just like it was normal for me to double-fist it in this year’s Valentine’s Day blog post with two random Walmart mugs.

pink flowers, leopard rain booties, black skirt, blush top, green military jacket

They help you acknowledge your inner awkwardness. I can’t tell you how many times I say the words, “I’m so awkward,” during a photoshoot and then look back through the photos later to find countless bloopers of double chins, droopy eyes, and weird hand gestures. (I never know what to do with the hands!!) If you just accept that it’s weird and uncomfortable to have your picture taken, then you can fully embrace the adorable bundle of awkwardness that I believe all (or at least most) of us are. ‘Cause if you can’t laugh at yourself, then what are you really doing with your life?!

pink flowers, olive military jacket, choker, sparkly headbandblush t-shirt, black skirt, leopard boots, sparkly headband

They say laughter is good for the soul…Speaking of laughter, photoshoots are fun because you get to be goofy or moody or maybe a little bit licentious (oooh AP Lit vocab word!) and laugh about it behind the scenes. I’ve found that my best photos are always taken when I’m genuinely laughing, so now I tell my photographers to say funny stuff. (This usually puts them on the spot, but one time my brother starting making contractions out of swear words and BOY was I laughing hard—they’re some of my favorite photos.)

pink mums, purple flowers, french braids, sparkly headband

Photoshoots are a confidence booster ‘cause dayumm girl. Let’s be honest, if you’re going to spend the time to plan a photoshoot, you’re probably going to make sure you look extra good. And if you look extra good, then you’re going to feel extra good and supa’ confident. Therefore, by the reasoning of those annoying proofs we had to do back in pre-calculus, photoshoots = feeling good about yourself. The best part is when you look back through the pictures and see how HOT you are and think, “Damn girl, that’s me!” (mhmmm you bet it is).

blush t-shirt, bouquet of flowers, black corduroy skirt, leopard bootiesolive green jacket, black skirt, goofy photoshotos

It takes two to make a thing go right. Of course, you can’t do a photoshoot by yourself because someone has to be behind the camera (technically not true, I tried taking photos by myself with a tripod once but failed epically). This means whenever you go out to snap some shots, it’s an excuse to spend time with a friend or family member! Even when I drag and guilt my parents into taking my photos against their will, it’s still time that I might not have otherwise spent with them…no matter how much eye rolling there is.

flowers in my hair, sparkly headband, black strappy tee, black mini skirt

So what do you think?? Ready to schedule your next photoshoot? If you need ideas, I am 100% available to help you brainstorm (I’m thinking a shoot with bubbles because that’d just be so much fun. I also want to do one of those ones where I’m casually wrapped up in some string lights—I mean, why not?). What are your thoughts on taking photos for fun? Thanks for stopping by the blog today and have a great Monday!


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Blush Tee: JCPenney, $18 // Military Jacket: Nordstrom Rack, $30 // Black Corduroy Skirt: Francesca’s, $35 // Leopard Rain Booties: Ralph Lauren via Macy’s, $60

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