Fall Wedding Attire

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Two weekends ago I attended my final wedding of 2019! *Sheds silent tear* I’ve only been to one wedding before this past summer and it was just over a decade ago, so it’s been a blast attending three different events this year. And of course, dressing up has been one of the best parts! In cased you missed it, you can see my summer wedding outfit from the first round of nuptials in June and read about the fun wedding bingo I played at the second wedding in August. Now, onto today’s outfit!

fringe flapper dress, White House Black Market, wedding attire

This gorgeous dark red fringe dress was a birthday gift several years ago and is from White House Black Market. I remember walking downtown with my mom and seeing this dress on a mannequin in the store window, excitedly saying how pretty it was and how it would make the perfect flapper girl dress. What do you know, a few weeks later, I unwrapped it on my birthday! It was such a special gift and I adore the color of this dress.

wedding guest, fringe dress, fall weddingrose gold accessories, blush clutch, crimson dress

As it turned out, the bridesmaids’ dresses were a very similar color, so the bride told me how much she loved my outfit (great minds think alike, right?). I styled this dress with silver accessories the last time I wore it, when I attended the Dancing with the Stars Live Tour last year, so I wanted to switch it up this time around. I opted for a dainty rose gold necklace and an off-white pearl bracelet. My blush clutch was the perfect complementary color to the burgundy of the dress, and rose gold sandals finished the look! This deep red shade is one of my favorites any time of year, but the color always screams ‘fall’ when the season roles around.

fall wedding attirefringe dress, White House Black Market, wedding outfitfringe dress, rose gold shoes

My brothers’ girlfriends and I all got ready for the wedding together, which was super fun and very reminiscent of getting dolled up for high school dances with all my girlfriends. I tried to do my own makeup… and not surprisingly, it was an ordeal. I wanted a more dramatic, smoky-eye look, but my first attempt was a disaster, as it made me look way too goth for my liking. I tried to wipe it off and opted for a lighter, maroon color palette instead. Still not the best work, but at least the final product looked better than the original!

formal attire, wedding guest outfit, blush bow pursedancing outfit, fringe dress, wedding guest

The wedding was a blast, as expected, and I spent the night dancing away. And yes, dancing in a full-fringe dress is just as fun as it looks! Thanks for swinging by the blog, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.



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Red Fringe Dress: White House Black Market, $100 // Rose Gold Sandals: Macy’s, $21 // Blush Bow Purse: StitchFix, $50

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