The Perfect Game to Play as a Wedding Guest


floral ruffle dress, summer wedding, wedding guest game

This has been MY kind of summer because three of my cousins are getting married (you can see my first wedding guest outfit here) which means three of my favorite things: spending time with family, dancing the night away, and, of course, wearing a fancy outfit! Today I’m sharing the second wedding look I wore and talking about a super fun game my friend introduced me to, which is perfect for you and your fellow wedding guests to play. Keep scrolling to find out what it is!

floral dress, wedding guest, wedding guest dress

You ready to find out the game?! Drumroll please…


floral ruffle dress, wedding guest

That’s right, you and your fellow guests can play a round of wedding bingo. (I mean, who doesn’t love bingo??) Here’s how it works: you can either play independently or, to have more fun, you can round up a few other guests to participate. You start by drawing a grid on a piece of paper BEFORE the wedding festivities begin. It can be the traditional 5×5 bingo grid or a slightly smaller one. Then, with the help of your friends, you start to fill in the boxes with different aspects of nuptials that you think the wedding will have. To get you started, here are a few examples: someone gives an awkward toast, the groom cries, the bride and groom stuff cake into each other’s faces, the bride’s dress has a train, etc.

At the wedding, you keep track of how many predictions were accurate, put an X through those items on your grid, and see if you got a bingo! It’s that simple. This game is really fun because it puts you in the wedding mood and tests how well you know the bride and groom (which sometimes is hardly at all). My friend and I happened to get a bingo this go around, and you betcha I’ll be playing again for the final wedding in October!

silver block heels, floral flowy dressThe Perfect Game to Play as a Wedding Guest

And now, onto my outfit details. I have a collection of about 5 formal cocktail dresses from my high school homecoming days, but all of them are for the fall or winter. Since this wedding happened in late August, it was kind of that awkward in-between period during the summer-fall transition. I knew it would still be super hot, so none of my thick dresses would work, but I also didn’t want something too summery or floral. Enter: this pink ruffle dress.

My mom and I decided to go shopping at JCPenney’s a few days before the wedding to see if we could find anything to wear. I picked up this dress, feeling unsure about it at first, but once I tried it on I fell in love. The ruffles are feminine and flowy (not to mention, they hide a lot of stuff), and the subtle pink/maroon/grey tones can be worn year around, perfectly transitioning into the cooler fall months. The tag was originally $70, which I was not willing to pay for, but it ended up being only $16 on clearance! Obviously, I *really* loved the dress after that.

wedding guest makeup, pink makeup

Y’all know I don’t wear makeup regularly, but lately I’ve felt really interested in experimenting more with eye shadow. This wedding was the perfect opportunity! While it’s hard to tell in these photos, I used what little eye shadow I own to create a mauve/pink smoky eye, with light shimmery corners, subtle pink sparkles, and maroon shadow as eyeliner. I was so pleased with how it turned out!

floral ruffle dress, JCPenney dress

You’ve probably caught on by now that I absolutely love to dance, so like usual, my dad and I closed down the place by dancing until the DJ finally kicked out the few lingering people. A dance isn’t a success until you have blisters all over your feet, right? At least that’s what I always say… While my shoes inevitably caused blisters (I swear to you that they’re actually super comfy), this flowy dress was the perfect dancing outfit because it added movement and allowed for a full range of motion, unlike a bodycon would have. My favorite move is the Running Man and I could still do it in this dress!

wedding guest, twirling, flowy dress, formal attirebraided updo, sparkly pearl hairpiece

The hair, per usual, was a bit of a struggle. After a few tries and a slight breakdown, I finally landed on this braided updo. I started by tying my hair off into three low braids. While I had initially intended to fluff up those braids and turn each into a bun, it worked better for me to just start pinning the braids to my head haphazardly. When the final updo appeared lopsided, it provided the perfect opportunity to accessorize with this gorgeous pearl and crystal hair piece. I admit, the hair is not my best work, but it’s been worse! And a sparkly accessory always seems to save the day.

wedding guest accessories, silver accessories

For the rest of the accessories (a choker, bracelet, clutch, and pair of shoes), I kept them simple and sparkly. The only way to be, really!

wedding guest games, wedding outfit, flowy dress

What do you think of the wedding bingo, have you heard of it before?? Will you try it at the next wedding you attend? I’d love to hear your ideas on it and any brainstorming you have for making the grid!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday and weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by today.


Miles of smiles,



Floral Dress: JCPenney, $16 // Silver Block Heels: CL by Laundry via DSW, $40 // Silver Sparkly Clutch: DSW, $16

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