What to Do in Vegas When You Don’t Gamble


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Hey gals! I’m doing something a little different today and sharing a “travel” post. But don’t worry, I’ll still talk about my outfit a bit. 😉 Las Vegas, Nevada, is like a second home to me, and since I’m not old enough to do the typical “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” stuff, I’m sharing a ton of other fun things you can do if you’re in town.

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But first, my outfit. I slipped this look on for dinner one night while on vacation in Vegas. It was already warm enough there to rock a pair of shorts, which I was pretty excited about. The shorts are actually navy blue, but it’s a little hard to tell in these pics; the color looks so pretty against the yellow though!

Okay, now here are eight things to do Vegas that don’t involve drinking or gambling:

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Go Shopping. Vegas has so many malls to explore. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, and I haven’t even been to all of them yet! A lot of the malls have stores that you can find most places, but if you come from a smaller town, it’s fun to explore those brands that you might not have at home. A really cool place to check out is the shopping center inside Caesar’s Palace Hotel. I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what’s in there, but it’s pretty awesome. 😉 There is also a ton of high-end shopping in Vegas. Fun to look at, but not for me!

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Ride the High Roller. The High Roller is the relatively new (two or three years? I’m not sure) Ferris wheel just off of the strip. I went on it last year over spring break, and it’s fun to do with a bunch of friends. It takes half an hour to get around it. I recommend going at night so you can see the pretty skyline and lights, and if you are lucky, you might see the light show of the Bellagio fountains!

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Go to M&M World. Okay, to be fair, I haven’t been here since I was really little, so maybe it’s not cool anymore…But I definitely thought it was awesome back then! I mean, who doesn’t want to be in a building that looks like a Coke bottle surrounded by millions of M&Ms?

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Ride a Rollercoaster. I know of two good options for this one: the roller coaster at the New York New York Hotel (the first and basically last roller coaster I have ever been on) and the one in Primm, about 40 miles outside of Vegas. This one looks absolutely terrifying, and you can read about here. If you’re a thrill seeker, you could also go to the Stratosphere and ride one of the rides on the top/go bungee jumping, but there is no longer a roller coaster at the top of the tower.

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Go on a Zip-line. I talked about going on a zip-line a few posts back, but we never ended up doing it this trip. There are a few options for this fun pastime. You could go downtown to Freemont Street and ride Slotzilla, where you take off from a giant slot machine, or you could go to the Rio Hotel and do it from one tower to the other. This one is a lot higher up than Slotzilla and a lot steeper, but it’s also in a chair instead of a classic harness zip-line. Or you could spend a day zip-lining in Bootleg Canyon, half hour outside the Strip. This looks pretty fun as well, and I think you’d get the most bang for your buck at that zip-line.

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Go to a Show. Of course, Vegas is known for its shows, so this is a great option. I’ve been to Rod Stewart (see what I wore here), Pen and Teller, The Blue Man Group, and The Lion King, which were all loads of fun.

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Check Out the Bellagio Hotel. If nothing else, there are just a lot of fun things to look at in Vegas, one of which is the Bellagio Hotel. It is known for its gorgeous interior and Chihuly glass. They have one giant room that always has the most amazing decorations; they have five rotations of décor, one for each season and one for the Chinese New Year. It’s always awesome to see and take pictures of it!

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Go on a Hike or Drive Through Red Rock Canyon. This is where today’s pictures were taken! Red Rock canyon is absolutely gorgeous, as you can see. You can pay a few dollars to get into the park and either go for a hike/climbing or you can drive your car in a little loop that shows you most of the canyon (that’s what we did on this day). It is so so so pretty, so I definitely recommend checking it out. It’s also kind of a hidden treasure that I think a lot of Vegas-goers miss out on.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed this different post, and maybe it’ll be useful if you’re visiting Vegas soon. Have a great day. 🙂


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