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Weekly Recap #41, 2023


My busy travel weeks have finally come to an end, and I’m very excited to stay in one place for the foreseeable future. On Wednesday, I visited my fifth new state in a week—woohoo! That puts my total count at 33, so I still have 17 to go before accomplishing my goal of visiting every state (mostly in the south and on the east coast). I’m looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks relaxing and soaking up what’s left of the fall leaves here in Denver. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #41, 2023”

Weekly Recap #40, 2023


My mom and I had the best time on the East Coast! Since my dad and I went to Puerto Rico together earlier in the year, I wanted to go on a trip with just my mom. And since my boyfriend is in Japan for two weeks, now was the perfect time! I chose Philadelphia for our vacation spot because of all the historical significance—plus, it is a goal of mine to visit every U.S. state, and I knew Philly is only a short distance away from New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. In just five days I crossed off four new states, woohoo! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #40, 2023”

September 2023 Month in Review


And just like that, Spooky Season is upon us! I’ve hardly thought about Halloween costumes yet, but I think a fun couples costume idea would be my boyfriend dressing up as a bear and me wearing a decked-out floral dress to be the couple at the end of Midsommar. But alas, I have no capacity to make a costume this year (last year I painted my Van Gogh dress and it took hours). Another fun couples costume idea that my friend recommended would be dressing up as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, ha! Hopefully I think of something cute and simple, but for now I just have to focus on the next two weeks of travel. Time is flying! Continue reading “September 2023 Month in Review”