A Splash of Purple


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Morning ladies! I don’t have any style tips for you today, so I just have a regular outfit post. Doesn’t my top look so pretty next to the purple flowers?! I love how everything starts to bloom in the spring. 🙂

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I wore this look on vacation in California to tour a college and then walk around the town. It was hard to know how to dress in California because it was cold in the morning (the only coat I had was my jean jacket, so I had to rock the denim tuxedo…) but then later it got so hot that I had to swap my jeans for shorts. The key in places like this is layers that you can easily take off as the day gets warmer.

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I wore my yellow purse with this because it was the only purse I brought on my trip, but I actually ended up loving the pop of color it adds to the outfit.

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I got so sunburnt this day…Luckily though I wasn’t wearing a tank top because my shoulders always burn the most.

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Can we please take a moment to notice how perfect my messy bun is? Messy buns are so annoying—they’re supposed to look like you didn’t try at all, but it takes so long to do a good one…Usually I can only do messy buns at night before I go to bed and nobody will ever see them, but somehow I got a really good one this time. I was so excited. 🙂

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Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you all have a great weekend—mine will involve dancing the night away at prom. 🙂 I’ll be posting pics of my dress soon!


Miles of smiles,



P.S. On a completely random note, are there any WordPress bloggers out there who could help me? I created a new page yesterday and now I don’t know where it is located… How can I put it at the top of the screen next to the “About” and “Contact” pages? Thank you for any help. 🙂


Top: Nordstrom Rack, $20 // Jeans: JCPenney, $25, last seen here (Whoops! I didn’t realize I wore them in Wednesday’s post as well) // Shoes: Dillard’s, $30, last seen here // Purse: Charming Charlie, $15, last seen here

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