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I’m so excited to be collaborating with Poster Store today to showcase my much-anticipated college apartment tour! Poster Store is a Swedish-based company selling posters, prints, and picture frames that are perfect for creating a gallery wall for any room in the house. After three years of having a blue-themed dorm room, I knew I wanted to switch it up and add some color to my apartment living room this year. The prints I selected were ideal for doing just that!


As I’ve mentioned in a few previous blog posts, I’m finally living by myself this year and could not be more excited. The age of my apartment and the weird yellow walls are a small price to pay for living alone! Not to mention, the color scheme I chose for my gallery wall and décor complements the otherwise ugly yellow walls quite nicely.


I knew I wanted my apartment to have a more boho feel this year with shades of mustard yellow, blush, orange, and dark green, based off a painting I completed earlier in the summer (more on that in a sec). Once I decided on my color scheme, I browsed Poster Store’s hundreds of options for prints that fit the colors and vibe I wanted. I thought a combination of scenic and artistic posters would be most interesting, so I gathered a selection of ones that fit my color scheme and copy and pasted them into a PowerPoint deck to help me narrow down my choices. From there, I separated my top posters by color and then selected one or two from each color group to be in my gallery wall. I played around with arrangement/size and voila, I landed on this creation!


Check out the following links to shop the prints seen above:

Diablo Lake Poster

Vøringsfossen Waterfall Poster

Sunflower Poster


And browse the links below for the other three prints:

Arches National Park Poster

Summer Van Poster

Protea Flowers Poster

It’s hard to choose a favorite design, but I think I like the van poster the best! I love the orange, and the old car mixed with the flowers gives me fun, retro 60s vibes.

poster-store-collaboration-gallery-wall-colorful-wall-art yellow-throw-pillow-fake-tree-kitchen-college-apartment college-apartment-tour-fake-tree-ikea-floral-painting

For those who read my blog back in June, remember how I kept talking about a Paint by Numbers art project I was working on? Which took days and days and days to complete? The painting above my table is the finished product! Even though it took forever, I absolutely love how it turned out—I knew I wanted the painting to be a focal point of the room. It’s where I drew my color scheme from and how I decided on the posters for my gallery wall. This painting also inspired me to make the flower garlands you’ll see later in this post. I wouldn’t normally characterize myself as someone who likes the more rustic/boho décor vibes, but this painting was the start of it all!

paint-by-numbers-fruit-bowl-circle-placemats floral-painting-ikea-frame-fruit-bowl-woven-circular-placemats

I’m obsessed with the way the round woven placemats, elevated fruit bowl, and floral painting came together for my ‘dining room’.

college-apartment-tour-kitchen-college-blogger college-apartment-tour-kitchen-college-fashion-blogger

I don’t have many decorations in the kitchen, aside from a “Got Milk?” vase my parents thrifted for me to use as a large utensil holder. It adds a fun touch to the space!


On the wall across from my Poster Store frames, I decided to hang several homemade flower garlands to add some visual interest. My friend inspired me to make these out of discount fake flowers, twine, and tiny clothespins. Of course, I picked the colors and types of flowers based off the flowers present in my Paint by Numbers masterpiece!

floral-garland-diy-wall-art-michaels-crafts desk-college-student-blogger-work-space

My apartment is like a hotel room in that the living space doesn’t have any overhead lights—hence the reliance on lamps. Both the printed table lamp on my desk and the tall floor lamp were hand-me-down pieces from when my friend moved out of his house last year.


I love this little cozy reading corner! I can’t wait for overcast fall days to curl up in this seat with a hot cocoa and a good book to read (who am I kidding? A big ol’ textbook is more like it).


So what do you think?!! Aside from maybe a plant in the middle of the coffee table, I absolutely love how the space came together. It feels complete to me even though there are relatively few decorations. Guess that’s what a good placemat and a few throw pillows can do! I can’t thank Poster Store enough for playing such a large role in pulling this place together—the gallery wall really does anchor the whole room.

You can use my code GRACE35 for 35% off on all posters at Poster Store, excluding frames and Selection posters. This discount code is valid for one month and cannot be combined with other offers.

Let me know your thoughts on my décor in the comments below! And as always, thanks for stopping by today.


Miles of smiles,



*Full Disclosure: I did receive most of the frames and prints from Poster Store for free in exchange for this blog post, but I also spent my own money on some of them. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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    1. Thanks so much, Mireille! I’m surprised but glad to hear that everyone loves the van print as much as I do.

  1. Looks great Grace! I love everything you’ve done, but you’ve always been so creative that I would expect nothing less. Have a great week! Love ya

  2. Such a pretty apartment you’ve got there! I love the themes of it, the color schemes and all! The flower garland is just beautiful.

  3. You are so creative, my friend! I love the way your whole apartment is decorated. It is very boho and so very you. I love your new gallery wall! The summer van print is so cool. I am working on my second collaboration with Poster Store soon. They have such a wonderful variety of designs. Oh, and how gorgeous is your paint by number! Fun stuff. Enjoy your solo living adventure!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee!! I think I will be doing a second collaboration with them as well and am very excited, I love their stuff.

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