Long Hair, Don’t Care (Or Do I…?)


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It’s summer (wait, you’re telling me you didn’t already know that??) and we—the girls with long hair—are struggling. My hair isn’t even that long, and it’s been bugging the crap out of me. So I thought today, I could give a little shout-out to all the long-haired girls and we could have a ranting session. Why does having long hair suck during the summer? If you’ve got a lion’s mane, then you probably already know. 😉

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It’s hot! Obviously this is the case, I mean, you’ve got a ton of hair making your neck and back all sweaty. But it’s EVERYWHERE and you can’t control it. That beast needs to be contained. I feel like we may have a scary movie premise?? House of Hair, coming to a theater near you.

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Because your hair adds so much extra heat, you constantly just want to throw it up in a bun. If I’m being honest guys, I haven’t brushed my hair in at least three days (yes! I have washed it) because I just wake up and put it in a bun as fast as my strange fingers can handle it. Yep, definitely not a beauty/hair guru here.

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Since you’re so hot and lazy (that’s right, you’re spicy, gurlll), you don’t get to try all the cute new hairstyles out there. I don’t know about you, but the summer is always when I experiment with my hair—there’s tons of time since I don’t have school, and if something goes terribly wrong, I can hide for a few days…But I’m not even feeling adventurous because all this hair has got me down. No seriously, it weighs a lot, too, and is pulling me down.

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Everybody is chopping their hair for the summer into stylish little bobs while you’re just thinking, “Man, I’d love to get rid of this furry creature on my head, but I’ve been growing it out for 2 years!! Must…not…give into…temptation…”

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Hair just gets in the way, you know what I’m saying? You try to tie your swimsuit—ouch—you tie a chunk of hair into it instead. You try to show off that cute bralette or the lacy back of your new favorite shirt, but then you realize your hair covers it. Hair is like your math homework, it just doesn’t go away…

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And finally, my personal favorite reason for why hair sucks in the summer—the pool hair drown. You know what I’m talking about. You’re swimming underwater, come up for a breath, and try to flip your hair all spicy and Bay Watch-like to impress the cute lifeguard. But in reality, all of the hair covers your face as you come up for a gasping breath, and then you breathe in and choke on your hair. We’ve all been there.

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About the outfit and shop your closet: I wore this look to a nice dinner and a day spent exploring Washington state. It was super comfy and great for any (most) activities you have in store. Granted, the shoes were not great for exploring the forest…ah well. To recreate this look, start with a basic tee and your favorite “pajama” shorts (or jean shorts, if you don’t have any lightweight, flowy shorts, even though those are basically all I can ever find in store). Then add some edgy accessories! That was the fun part of this look. The tee and shorts could go a lot of different ways, but I chose to go for an edgier vibe by adding black in the choker, studded shoes, and Boho Betty bracelet.

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All you long-haired girls, you feel me? Did you enjoy this post, and what annoys you about having a crazy mane in the summer? I’d love to know!


Miles of smiles,



P.S. The joke I posted on Instagram and the answer: Why didn’t the toilet paper cross the road? Because it was stuck in a crack!


Tee: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $9, last seen here // Shorts: A.N.A. via JCPenney, $20, last seen here // Sandals: Arturo Chiang via Dillard’s, $30, last seen here // Purse: Francesca’s, $20, last seen here // Bracelet: Boho Betty, $20, use code GRACEFUL_RAGS for 20% off your purchase


2 comments on “Long Hair, Don’t Care (Or Do I…?)”

  1. I used to think of myself as strictly a long haired person – I’d had short cuts before and they were never quite right. Then about two years ago I fried my hair with just a little too much bleach. I tried to limp it along for awhile, but it was a losing fight. So I cut it into a lob, thinking I’d cut it once and grow it right back. But I’ve kept it all this time and even shortened it into more of a true bob because IT’S SO NICE to not have so much hair.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Rika! Yes–I totally love short hair also. Generally I grow my hair out really long, cut it all off and donate it, and then repeat the process. I get bored with my hair after a few months, so I love going for the biggest change possible 🙂

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