Brick by Brick: The Lego Americana Roadshow


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Okay, just a disclaimer, today’s post is NOT about fashion. It’s about Legos and history and the U.S.A. and a stroll down memory lane. If none of that sounds interesting, I suppose you could skip this post…but I’d love for you to read it, and you might find it interesting. 😉

Just a random fact about me: I love Legos. Call me dorky if you will, but it’s so fun to be an architect and create structures from nothing. Anyway, many weeks ago, I heard that Lego scale models of our nation’s landmarks were going to be displayed and I immediately knew I HAD to go. And it did not disappoint. So even though this post isn’t about fashion, it was super cool (and educational) and I wanted to share it with you. Without further ado, the Legos.


Capitol Building

Capitol Writing

I tried to take pics of the informational plaques, so hopefully the writing is big enough that you can read it. If not, at least read the bottom lines that talk about how many hours it took to build the scale models. But do try to read the whole thing, because there are tons of fascinating tidbits!

(I’m pretty sure this is the darkest photo…sorry about that!)

Capitol 4Capitol 3100_2340_LI

I went to DC in 2011, so this is a pic of me at the real Capitol building.


Independence Hall

Independence Hall WritingIndependence Hall 2Independence Hall 1

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial WritingJefferson Memorial100_2199

Again, a pic I took of the real monument.


The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell WritingLiberty Bell 1

The Liberty Bell was life-size and even had the gong-thingy on the inside!

Liberty Bell 2

The Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial WritingLincoln Memorial 1

If you look closely, you can see the little Lego Lincoln. 🙂


Look at that smoking hot tomato. A red face is clearly a good look.


Old North Church

Old Church WritingOld Church0604141421 (2)

If you look closely, you can see me in the bottom of the pic circa 2014. We also got to go inside the church—which was awesome—but this photo was the closest I had to representing the Lego structure.


Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty WritingStatue of Liberty 1Statue of Liberty 2

The U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court WritingSupreme Court 2Supreme Court 1

The writing isn’t painted on–that’s Legos too!


The Washington Monument

Washington Monument WritingWashington Monument 1

If you noticed, I blotted out the faces of all the people in the backgrounds. It’s actually kind of hilarious and looks like a horror movie. Check out a few photos, and you’ll see what I mean.


The real thang.


The White House

White House WritingWhite House 2White House 1

Building these monuments would be my dream job! Where can I sign up?


Thanks for reading this post! I know it’s weird and different, but I just really wanted to share it with you. And sorry the photos are such bad quality! I’m pretty sure all the locations for the Lego Americana Roadshow are in malls, so the pictures are always dark, crowded, and filled with distracting backgrounds (hello, Francesca’s!). Anyway, thanks again and have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂


Miles of smiles,


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  1. Grace, this is really cool! My kids love Legos and I have many adult friends who do as well! I love to see the giant Lego structures like these. They are always so impressive. Have you ever seen the toothpick structures like these? (Google toothpick art) That is some seriously cool building art as well!


    1. Thanks so much Shelbee! I had never seen the toothpick art before, but holy cow! It’s incredible! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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