A Play on Colors


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I feel like for everyday gals like us, fashion can get a bit boring. We get sick of our clothes, feel like we have nothing to wear, and ultimately get stuck in a frustrated rut of wearing the same things over and over again. Sound like you? Well guess what: it doesn’t have to be this way! You can bring new life to your (mostly) existing wardrobe just by opening your mind to some new combinations and being willing to go a little outside of your comfort zone. How, you may ask? Color-color-color!!

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Today I want to share some color combinations that you may not have thought of that could totally rock your style world. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get sucked into a sea of greys and blacks. I just love ‘em! In fact, I’m wearing black in today’s post. (Does this outfit seem familiar?) But just mixing up the colors you wear can completely change your view on everyday fashion and open up a world of new outfit possibilities. Color is out there, go get it!

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So, what are some color combos you should try right now?


+lavender and yellow             

+orange and turquoise/navy (seen here, here, and here)

+pink and light blue

+red and navy (seen here)

+yellow and turquoise

+maroon and blush


+olive green/black/red (like today’s post)

+orange/yellow/teal (seen here)

+grey and yellow

+black and periwinkle/lavender

+white/olive green/brown

+brown and chartreuse

+brown and black (yes, this is okay!)

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I know, I know. You may be thinking, Orange, yellow, and teal? I’d look like a rainbow threw up all over me! Some of these color combos can definitely be intimidating, especially if you don’t wear color that much. That’s why you should start small! Wear a necklace, shoes, purse, or headband in a certain color to subtly mix the different hues. You do NOT have to go all-in right away. You can even try on a possible outfit and wear it around the house for a bit to see how it feels. If it seems too bold, dial it back a bit before wearing it out. And don’t forget, if your outfit appears too colorful, add in some neutrals, like white or black, to balance out the look. Even something as small as nail polish can help ease you out of your color comfort zone.

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Outfit details and shop your closet: As you probably already noticed, I wore this outfit in last week’s post to check out the Lego Americana Roadshow, go to dinner, and take some photos at a pretty backdrop. As far as shopping your closet goes, this outfit is all about the color combo—duh. 😉 So browse your closet for any combination of black t-shirts, black pants, black shorts, olive utility blouses, olive military jackets/vests, and dark green pants. Be sure to keep the red only in the accessories though—a purse, shoes, belt, nail polish, lipstick, sunglasses, or hair clip would work perfectly.

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I’d LOVE to see pics of your own colorful outfits, so I created (found?) a unique hashtag #all4thecolor that you can tag your Instagram photos with. I’m really looking forward to seeing your outfits! Which color combo would you be most likely to style? Leave me a comment below. 🙂


Miles of smiles,



Top: Arizona via JCPenney, $11, first time featured on the blog // Shorts: Loft, $25, last seen here // Shoes: Arturo Chiang via Dillard’s, $30, last seen here (guys, do I wear these shoes too much??) // Purse: Charming Charlie, $16, last seen here

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