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Guess what day it is!!! (No, it’s not Hump Day.) But it is the first day of school for me, and I spent all weekend moving into my awesome new dorm. Now I’m scrambling to finish this blog post for y’all before I head to my first class of sophomore year. I apologize beforehand for the poor lighting in these photos – dorm rooms, am I right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Before and After pics of my room (who doesn’t love a good makeover?) and that you’re having a great Monday!


dorm room tour, college campus, dorm room, college


dorm room tour, college student, back to school, turquoise dorm room


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college student, college dorm room makeover, room makeover


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dorm room closet, closet organization


dorm room, college student, dorm makeover


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before photo, bedroom makeover, dorm makeover


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So now that you’ve see the basic layout of the room and all the rearranging I did (it took a few tries), I’ll show you a few more detailed shots. We’ll start with the door and move counterclockwise around the room.

over-the-door mirror, pom pom garlandcactus light, Pier 1 Imports

I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I’m going to use Command hooks, a little piece of wood, and twine to make the perfect shelf for this little guy. The neon cactus light is from Pier One Imports and was only $10 – it was a Christmas gift last year. It’s SO cute!

organized dorm room closet
hand-made dorm room decorationscollege dorm room, paint chip mural, string lights, pom pom garlandflag garlands, desk space, handmade decorationscollege dorm room, organization, dorm room decorationsaccessory drawer, sunglasses organization, hair accessoriescollege dorm room, lofted bed, dorm room makeover

Most of the teal decorations here are ones that I made the summer before my freshman year. A lot of the other decorations have been gifts from family and friends that I brought from home. If you have any questions about items, where I store stuff, how I made things, where they’re from, whatever…please feel free to ask! I’m more than happy (and would be quite excited) to answer your questions in the comments below.

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And of course, if you want to see how I decorated my dorm last year (a more traditional double room) check out my Dorm Room Tour! blog post. I used all the same decorations as last year, just in different ways! It was so much fun decorating all over again.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day at school (eek)!


Miles of smiles,


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    1. Thanks Mireille! Thankfully the beds come with a bed frame that allows it to be lofted, so my bed is on the highest rung allowed so that the dresser would fit underneath.

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