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I considered titling this post, “How to Live It Up in College” but I decided that was too “frat boy party life,” which is not the vibe I want to be giving off in this post. But college *IS* a party in the sense that you get to live with your best friends, learn amazingly interesting stuff, and spend each day experiencing something new and exciting. I love it so much! That’s why for the next installment of my Back to School Series, I’m sharing my top tips for living your best college life. There’s no doubt that college is really difficult, but it can also be an absolute blast depending on what you put into it—and these are allll my tips for making the most of it. So come on, let’s tackle this Monday and tackle that college life!

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Pretend You’re a Book Character.

College is a blast, but there’s no denying that it can be really hard and scary sometimes, especially if you’re a nervous little freshman being constantly bombarded with new experiences. So what’s one of my best ways to overcome fear? Pretend I’m a character from one of my favorite books/movies/TV shows. Sure, Grace would be scared to walk into a group of peers and strike up a conversation, but Mindy Lahiri from “The Mindy Project” isn’t afraid to talk to anyone (and be fun and loud doing it)! Suddenly, when you wear the persona of someone else, things get a little easier and that fear starts to melt away…

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Go to the Activities Fair (And Sign Up for Something Random).

Run, don’t walk to your school’s Club/Activities Fair during the first few weeks of school. You know, that event where all the different clubs and sports on campus make a little stand and try to convince you to join their group? Just picture the first few scenes of Pitch Perfect and you’ll know what I mean. The Activities Fair is the best place to see all the fun communities you can join on campus (communities = new friends) and I bet you’ll be surprised by the variety. Make sure to sign up to receive emails from lots of clubs—there’s no harm in just subscribing—and try to join something unexpected. For example, I went into my Activities Fair planning to become a part of intramural soccer and a fashion/art related club. While I ended up joining both of those things, I also left that crowded gym as part of the Tango Club after signing up on a complete whim—and guess what. That club has been one of my favorite college experiences thus far! If in doubt, just remember that you can always quit clubs just as easy as you can join them since they’re usually low commitment. That’s why it’s worth trying as much as possible in the beginning, and something crazy (like tango) might just stick!

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Sign Up for Alllll the Newsletters.

I cannot stress this enough—sign up for your school’s weekly newsletters and then ACTUALLY read them! Not only do I learn important things (like closures and construction and what-not) from the newsletters, but I also learn about the coolest events and random crap that a lot of my fellow students miss out on. For example, I learned how to get free hockey tickets before every game (instead of paying $5), I found out that a few buildings on my campus are haunted, and I discovered the location of free, homemade tamales on Dia de los Muertos (YUM). The point is, you need to stay in the know, otherwise you miss so many cool experiences that college and campus life has to offer. So while you’re signing up for newsletters, follow all your school’s social media accounts as well. You won’t regret it.

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Attend (At Least) One Event a Week.

Now that your inbox is being flooded by newsletters and club emails, you can be sure to add any interesting events into your color-coded planner. The first quarter of school, the only thing I ever did (besides actual classes, of course) was attend school-sponsored events. This included random club meetings, sports games, fun events set up by the programming board, interesting lectures, etc. Not only did I meet a ton of people, but I also learned a lot and got to experience more of campus than I otherwise would have. So I challenge you to attend at least one event each week the first quarter of the new school year—it can be hard to force yourself out of your comfort zone, but it’s SO worth it! Invite a new friend or go solo, and remember, there’s usually free food at these events. So if nothing else, go for the food.

how to make the most of collegehow to make the most of college

Spend as Little Time in Your Dorm Room as Possible (In the Beginning).

This ties into the previous point, but during the first few weeks of school, you should really challenge yourself to avoid your dorm room (except to sleep and bathe, of course). I know it’s tempting to have some alone time and seclude yourself in your room, especially since meeting new people and the buzz of college life can be exhausting at first, but I really recommend pushing yourself to “get out there.” People are the most open and willing to make new friends during the first few weeks of school. Trust me, I understand that feeling homesick is a real battle during the beginning of college, but keeping yourself busy and actively trying to meet people can help distract you from those feelings. There were times I really just wanted to be alone and back at home with my parents at the start of school. But instead of cutting myself off from the world and letting those feelings fester, I took every opportunity I had to explore campus and experience something new. I know this method isn’t for everyone (you know yourself best!), but I really attribute this tip as the reason why I had such an amazing first semester of college.

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Are you starting college as a freshman soon, or just starting a new year (of university or high school)? Let me know below! And if you have any questions about college life, or just want to rant about how nervous/excited you are, I would be so happy to listen. Leave a comment below! I love college so much and am so excited for all the freshman out there who are about to experience it for the first time. Yay!!

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