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Work Wear or the Weekend?

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As part of my economics class, you can choose to wear “professional work attire” each day to school in order to receive payment in fake money (like Monopoly dollars; we have a fake “mini economy” to buy/sell goods and services). I love to dress up, and I basically wear work clothes every day to school anyways. So when the option came around to start dressing up for school to get paid, I naturally said yes. But what I’ve learned? Other girls my age don’t know what is work appropriate, which makes sense since they don’t have any professional work experience. I think I only know because of years of watching “What Not to Wear”. 🙂 So whether you’re in my econ class, you have a college interview, or you’re about to start a new job, the work wear guidelines I’m about to share will be the perfect tool for you! Continue reading “Work Wear or the Weekend?”

How to Dress Down Work Pants

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Good morning ladies! I hope you all had a nice weekend and Mother’s Day. Today I’m sharing a few tips for how you can make your work pants more appropriate for everyday life. I wore this look to school last week, and it was a very cute yet comfy outfit. Now let’s get started! Continue reading “How to Dress Down Work Pants”