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Weekly Recap #7, 2022


This past week was so much fun, and the outfits weren’t bad, either! Between a day trip to Edinburgh, a Taylor Swift karaoke night, and an ABBA disco, it’s safe to say my battery is running a *little* low today. Thankfully, I spent the whole day just relaxing and recharging for another exciting week ahead. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #7, 2022”

Weekly Recap #5, 2022


For the first week since I’ve been here, I spent more time inside doing schoolwork than out in the world exploring. I’ve been feeling a lot of stress this week to figure out what exactly I want to get out of my study abroad experience, and I’ve realized I feel guilty when I just stay in doing the same things I could have done back at school in Denver. It’s really important to me to try new activities and get the most out of this adventure! But I have also been trying to give myself grace and recognize that it’s okay to have rest days. After all, I’ve been blowing off most of my school work since I’ve been here, so I had to catch up at some point! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #5, 2022”

Weekly Recap #3, 2022


This week has been so long, but truly in the best way possible. From getting my hair done (which already feels like ages ago), to lots of events on campus, to my first day trip out of the city—oh, and some school in there too—it was another busy week here in Glasgow. I’m trying to maximize my days, but I kind of feel like I need a weekend after this weekend! Anyway, here are this week’s capsule outfits—lots of pieces on repeat (mainly my jeans), but I love how different the outfits look regardless. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #3, 2022”