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Weekly Recap #44, 2023


I think this week’s batch of outfits is a bit of a letdown compared to last week’s… I tried very hard to be stylish last week, challenging myself to wear a new combo every day, and this week it was a feat to get dressed at all. I’ve never understood those fashion bloggers and influencers who look so cute all the time. I’ve watched their vlogs—even their lazy, throw-on-and-go ‘fits look trendy and effortless. As much as I love fashion and clothes, there are days where even I just don’t care what I put on. I was feeling that more often than not this week. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #44, 2023”

Weekly Recap #43, 2023


Such a fun week! I feel like my boyfriend and I crammed an entire month’s worth of fall dates into the last few days—pumpkin patch, haunted house, pumpkin carving, and a Halloween party. I’ve been trying really hard to fix my sleep schedule lately and go into the office earlier (traffic is better and it feels so good to be done with work at 3:30), so this week I put out all my outfits the night before. I’ve fallen out of this habit, but it makes such a difference in the morning and saves me so much time. I challenged myself this week and tried to only put together combinations I’ve never worn before! It was more difficult than I expected. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #43, 2023”

Weekly Recap #42, 2023


My boyfriend and I finished watching “The Fall of the House of Usher” this week—have you seen it yet? I’ve been watching a lot of spooky shows and movies lately but I really think I need to lay off them… I went on a walk tonight and it was the third time in a week and a half that I jumped and gasped at a stranger turning a corner. It’s bad… and embarrassing… but also amusing. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #42, 2023”