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Weekly Recap #25, 2021


Coming at ya’ late again this weekend! I had a true summer week these past few days in the sense that I was super lazy and a little restless… but that’s how it should be at the beginning of summer, right? I started packing this week, had several work meetings, and lounged by the pool with my friend. It was a fun last (full) week in Denver, but I’m ready to go home now. And with that, here are my summer outfits! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #25, 2021”

Weekly Recap #24, 2021


Boy oh boy, this week has been all over the place! I spent most of it house/pet sitting (introducing the most adorable pup above), took my finals on Monday and Tuesday, and have been having a little too much fun this weekend celebrating my boyfriend’s and his best friend’s graduation. Needless to say, I will be spending the next few days catching up on sleep and exercising to burn off all the good food from the last several meals, ha! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #24, 2021”

Weekly Recap #23, 2021


I have officially, completely mentally checked out of school, now that the temps are rising and it feels like summer. Which is so dangerous because I still have finals Monday and Tuesday! But I am seriously the only person I know who actually has finals during exam week—it seems that everyone else either had final projects that are already finished or had professors give exams a week earlier. Unfair, right?! Either way, I am SO close to being done! I admittedly did very little school work this week and had lots of fun instead—which is just as it should be, wouldn’t you say? Here are this week’s outfits! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #23, 2021”