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A Day in North Wales


Next up for the travel content is sharing my day trip to Wales! Going to Wales was tentatively on my bucket list for abroad, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it happen once I actually arrived in Scotland. I was grateful that my parents were just as interested in visiting the country as I was, so we took a tour to North Wales from Manchester during our UK spring break extravaganza. I’m excited to share some of the pics with you today! Continue reading “A Day in North Wales”

Weekly Recap #13, 2022


At this point, my weekly recaps are just a travel journal as opposed to a log of my outfits… I’m at the point where I no longer have clean clothes shoved into my tiny backpack, so my outfits have been entirely composed of mildly smelly shirts and jeans, with absolutely no style or thought required. But the traveling certainly makes up for the lack of fashion because this week was incredible! Monday feels like a month ago after squeezing so much into a few days. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #13, 2022”

Weekly Recap #12, 2022


Well, it’s safe to say my go-go-go lifestyle of the past two and a half months finally caught up to me last week… I was feeling so under the weather the past few days, which isn’t surprising considering my wacky sleep schedule and diet. Anyway, I’m glad to finally be feeling much better today and look forward to sharing all of last week’s fun activities below! My parents are still in the area and will be for another week and a half as we continue our UK tour. Eventually I plan on sharing more travel-related blog posts once I return to my cozy flat in Glasgow, but until then, here are a few outfits… Continue reading “Weekly Recap #12, 2022”