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Weekly Recap #43, 2023


Such a fun week! I feel like my boyfriend and I crammed an entire month’s worth of fall dates into the last few days—pumpkin patch, haunted house, pumpkin carving, and a Halloween party. I’ve been trying really hard to fix my sleep schedule lately and go into the office earlier (traffic is better and it feels so good to be done with work at 3:30), so this week I put out all my outfits the night before. I’ve fallen out of this habit, but it makes such a difference in the morning and saves me so much time. I challenged myself this week and tried to only put together combinations I’ve never worn before! It was more difficult than I expected. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #43, 2023”

Casual Mondays


Keeping things short and sweet today with this simple workday outfit! It’s not casual, per se, but the simplicity of this look makes it a more casual option for the office. This is now the third or fourth time I’ve tried photographing this outfit (I shared it in my weekly recap two Sundays ago), and I finally got some pics I can live with yesterday. I’ve been much better the last several months about not obsessing over my photos, but every now and again I still have to wrestle with my inner perfectionist. Continue reading “Casual Mondays”

London Calling


I finally photographed this outfit! Or, let me rephrase, I finally like the photos for this outfit… took me several tries and lots of background hunting to find something I can live with it. Anyway, how cute is this fit?? I wore it to work last week and wanted to show off the other pair of UIN shoes that the brand sent me—just wait until you see the pattern up close. Continue reading “London Calling”