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Weekly Recap #29, 2023


I have so few outfits to share this week! It’s a good thing I don’t work from home full-time or else I would never get dressed… I ended up going into the office from Monday to Wednesday instead of my usual Tuesday to Thursday, which really threw me off. But walking tours and baby showers made it a fun week at work, topped off with the Barbenheimer double feature on Saturday. She’s having the best day! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #29, 2023”

Inspired by Frida Kahlo


Emma chose this month’s Thrifty Six theme, and it is Inspired by Frida Kahlo! Even though I don’t care much for the Mexican painter’s work, I was so excited about this styling prompt—I immediately pictured big flowers in my hair (and Frida’s infamous unibrow, ha). It took several iterations and a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor, but I finally landed on this modern interpretation of the artist’s look. Continue reading “Inspired by Frida Kahlo”

Weekly Recap #28, 2023


I’ve had Taylor Swift on the mind all week! She performed both Friday and Saturday night at the Empower Field Stadium downtown. I tried very hard to win concert tickets through various sweepstakes, including calling into my local radio station 212 times (!!), but no luck. I would have loved to go! I didn’t try to buy tickets way back when because they were pretty expensive and the hassle of the whole Ticketmaster queue didn’t sound worth it to me. I did not anticipate being inundated by concert posts for months and feeling such FOMO. At least I can seek solace in the fact that even if I had tried to buy tickets, it’s possible I wouldn’t have been able to anyways. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #28, 2023”