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Weekly Recap #4, 2022


Another busy and exciting week in the books! January 25th was Burns Day, which is a “holiday” here in Scotland that celebrates the life and work of Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s national poet (you probably know him as the writer of everybody’s favorite New Year’s Eve song, “Auld Lang Syne”). As such, it was a fun and festive week with lots of cultural events to commemorate the day. Plus, even though I rarely say this, I think all of this week’s outfits are winners! I didn’t even wear the same bottoms twice, which is kind of a big deal when you pack as few pants as I did. Anyway, keep reading to see the cute looks I put together and to hear about some foods and events that are unique to Scotland. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #4, 2022”

Weekly Recap #2, 2022


I survived my first full week in Glasgow, and boy what a time it’s been! I’m happy to say I finally feel like I’m settling into the city. I road the public transit for the first time, finally bought some cookware for my kitchen, figured out the mail system, etc.—getting comfortable in my home (4,504 miles) away from home. I’m really enjoying my capsule wardrobe so far and even did a little thrifting this week, so check out all my maroon-themed outfits below! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #2, 2022”

Weekly Recap #1, 2022


What a week it’s been, full of excitement, frustration, and lots of adjustments! Unfortunately, my tripod broke right before I left for Scotland (and it didn’t fit in my bag anyways) so I am currently tripod-less and photographer-less… which means no new outfit photos for the time being. But, thankfully, my dorm closet did come with a full-length mirror on the door, so I can still share my outfits of the day—even if the lighting/quality isn’t the best. I’m hoping to get the photo-taking situation figured out soon so that I can get back on my posting schedule! But until then, here are my outfits and all the fun exploring I’ve been up to in Glasgow for my first week here. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #1, 2022”