Summer Travel Series: Bend, OR

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Hey gurlies! I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday so far and have awesome plans for tonight—plans that should involve bacon and/or Netflix. I just got back from an early morning run, ate some Lucky Charms (definitely the healthiest breakfast ever), and read a bit, so now I’m ready to write the next installment of my travel summer series! Are you ready to read it?? Yes, this post is going up late. But I was lazy. Do you know “lay-zee”? Continue reading

A Play on Colors

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I feel like for everyday gals like us, fashion can get a bit boring. We get sick of our clothes, feel like we have nothing to wear, and ultimately get stuck in a frustrated rut of wearing the same things over and over again. Sound like you? Well guess what: it doesn’t have to be this way! You can bring new life to your (mostly) existing wardrobe just by opening your mind to some new combinations and being willing to go a little outside of your comfort zone. How, you may ask? Color-color-color!! Continue reading

1 Year Blogiversary and Makeover

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Hey gurly! I hope you had a great Independence Day yesterday, if you’re a fellow U.S.A. lady. You may have noticed that Graceful Rags looks a little different today…Or you may have swung by the blog yesterday and found it in transition. Sorry about that! Hopefully the surprise wasn’t completely ruined. 😉 One year ago today I hit publish on my first blog post ever, and now, 365 days later, I’m revamping my site. Read on to learn about all the exciting changes! Continue reading