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Weekly Recap #27, 2023


Look how far my little plant has come! I’ve been growing these marigolds from seed as part of a team building exercise at work and recently repotted him in this vibrant pot that my grandma gave me. He was looking close to death a few times, but I managed to salvage him! I’m so excited he’s bloomed and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of red in the petals. I’ve had several plants before, some I’ve even kept alive for years, but I’ve never grown something from seed. Makes me think I should plant a few more things next spring! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #27, 2023”

Weekly Recap #25, 2023


Per usual in Colorado, the weather was all over the place this week—from sunny and summer-like on Monday to baseball-sized hail and a tornado warning on Thursday… Thankfully I (and my car) managed to avoid most of the severe weather! And the sun kindly returned for a beautiful and very busy weekend. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #25, 2023”

Weekly Recap #23, 2023


Something I’ve really struggled with since graduating college is finding a workout routine. I was just as busy when I was in school, between classes, homework, blogging, and a social life, but most of those activities could be done any time of the day. Classes usually only took 2-4 hours, and I generally stacked them in the morning, leaving the afternoon free to go on runs. But now? I work most of the day, spend upwards of an hour commuting, and just want to relax by the time I get home… (Balancing everything is hard! I really can’t fathom how my coworkers are also raising families—so much respect.) Continue reading “Weekly Recap #23, 2023”