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Weekly Recap #34, 2023


It was not the best week, if I’m being honest… I’ve just been SO frustrated with blogging lately. Specifically, taking photos. I wouldn’t say that photoshoots for my blog have ever been an easy task, but lately it’s been even more difficult to find pretty backdrops and the perfect lighting. In college, I lived on a beautiful campus with countless locations for photo-ops. There were so many spots where I knew what the lighting would be like throughout the day and could rely on those locations in a pinch. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #34, 2023”

Weekly Recap #31, 2023


August? Already? How?! This summer has flown by, and it’s stressing me out so much. It’s been so rainy in Denver most of the summer that it’s been impossible to do all the outdoor activities I generally associate with the season. Even while golfing today we nearly got rained out, and the weather felt so much like fall. Usually I’m all for autumn, but I am not even close to ready this year… I need more heat and sundresses and long days!! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #31, 2023”

Weekly Recap #27, 2023


Look how far my little plant has come! I’ve been growing these marigolds from seed as part of a team building exercise at work and recently repotted him in this vibrant pot that my grandma gave me. He was looking close to death a few times, but I managed to salvage him! I’m so excited he’s bloomed and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of red in the petals. I’ve had several plants before, some I’ve even kept alive for years, but I’ve never grown something from seed. Makes me think I should plant a few more things next spring! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #27, 2023”