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Weekly Recap #20, 2023


How stinking fun are these pants?! My mom gave them to me for Easter, and I couldn’t wait to wear them today while promoting Graceful Rags at an entrepreneurship event on my alma mater’s campus. It turned out to be a little hot for bell bottoms, but all the compliments and attention I got over these pants made the overheating worth it… Continue reading “Weekly Recap #20, 2023”

Weekly Recap #17, 2023


I’ma be honest, I’ve rewritten an intro for this post five times now and nothing’s working for me… I’m just not feeling the whole blogging thing today, but y’all know the drill—last week’s work outfits and cost per wear are shared down below! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #17, 2023”

Weekly Recap #16, 2023


Very exciting week on the blog front! If you saw my last post, you know that I will be attending the Denver Mini Derby on May 6 to provide influencer coverage of the event. One of my goals for 2023 was to pitch to one brand/company per month, and I reached out to the Denver Mini Derby crew in March. I found out on Monday that I would get to work with them and attend the event with my aunt, which I have been wanting to do for years! I am beyond excited to see that some of my pitches are starting to pay off. I also made my first user-generated content this week—that means I created content for a brand for them to use on their social media instead of posting it myself (and I get paid for the work—the pic above is from the Reel I made). If you’re a long-time blog follower, you know how much I’ve struggled with and been discouraged by blogging in the past. I’m so happy and proud that I am finally making progress towards my goals! Continue reading “Weekly Recap #16, 2023”