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Denim in the Winter Time

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I think itโ€™s a common misconception that denim jackets can only be worn in the spring and summer. Sure, they look really cute in those seasons, but why not wear them in the fall and winter as well? Today Iโ€™m writing to convince you that you SHOULD rock your jean jacket even as the weather gets colder. And if you don’t already have this staple piece, here are a bunch of ways to style a denim jacket, in case you needed convincing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “Denim in the Winter Time”

Denim for Days: Show Your Jean Jacket Some Love

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Ah, the denim jacket. For me, it is such a closet staple, and I think most of us can agree that itโ€™s one of the easiest jackets to style. And letโ€™s not forget to mention the versatility! Any item that can be worn in all four seasons is a definite win in my bookโ€ฆSo today, in honor of the fabulous casual blazer, Iโ€™m rounding up my top 10 looks with a jean jacket and providing a few tips for how to style it in each season. Continue reading “Denim for Days: Show Your Jean Jacket Some Love”