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Weekly Recap #23, 2023


Something I’ve really struggled with since graduating college is finding a workout routine. I was just as busy when I was in school, between classes, homework, blogging, and a social life, but most of those activities could be done any time of the day. Classes usually only took 2-4 hours, and I generally stacked them in the morning, leaving the afternoon free to go on runs. But now? I work most of the day, spend upwards of an hour commuting, and just want to relax by the time I get home… (Balancing everything is hard! I really can’t fathom how my coworkers are also raising families—so much respect.) Continue reading “Weekly Recap #23, 2023”

Weekly Recap #27, 2022


Survived another work week! Isn’t this view from my office building parking garage amazing? I’m still struggling a bit to get into a routine—by the time I get home from work, I’m so tired and lazy that I don’t have the motivation to do anything productive. I did really like this week’s business casual outfits, though, and I threw in a few fun outfits on the weekend. It’s funny to think that some of my wardrobe is now very strictly weekend attire. In college, I’d always wear a mix of professional wear and fun stuff depending on the day, but that just won’t fly now that I’m a working woman. Continue reading “Weekly Recap #27, 2022”

June 2022 Month in Review


As exciting as 2022 has been so far, I think June definitely takes the cake for being the most eventful month. I started June on the East Coast, visiting my friend in Boston and attending a wedding in Rhode Island. I then moved back to Denver, graduated college (still haven’t shared my graduation post yet, yikes), found an apartment, and started my first real job! Life is moving so quickly right now, and while I wish it would slow down just a wee bit, I’m beyond grateful for all this positive change. Instead of an outfit, today’s post is a compilation of some pics from throughout the month in the order they occurred. So many fond memories! Continue reading “June 2022 Month in Review”